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Which Artistic Avenue Do I Take?

Which Artistic Avenue Do I Take?

Which Artistic Avenue Do I Take?

When There Are So Many Different Artistic Paths To Choose From

A common theme amongst aspiring artists and creatives is not knowing which path to take in their life, career or art. Animation, gaming, environment design, character design…the list goes on and there are so many different paths to choose from, so it can be hard to pinpoint which one is the right one for you.

You may understand these feelings all too well. There are so many skills to learn and decisions to be made. There are so many paths that will all lead you to a different place. 

The ultimate question is… which path should you take? Which path will lead you to the most success and happiness in your future? 

The answer to this question lies within yourself, your interests, and the skills you can obtain within the art of your choosing. This is a time for self-discovery and practice, so you can truly understand where your passion lies. Once you can place full focus on your interests and what you would love to pursue, then you will find that your art will guide you exactly where you need to be; and the journey to success will await you! 

How To Know What Industry You Should Get Into 

In order to make the right choice regarding the industry you belong in, it is important to think about your art or creative skills and plan accordingly. Keeping your strengths and weaknesses in mind can be a good starting point to help you decide where to go next. 

Ask yourself – do you know which area of the industry you find most interesting? What do you want to do in that specific industry? Do you know enough about these topics to make an educated decision about pursuing that dream?

To know where you belong, you must analyze what you are good at, have experience in, and can continue to build skills with. Maybe for you, that is graphics, drawing, or animation. Either way, you must ensure that you are completely educated on this specific topic to succeed in deciding which path you will end up on. 

Build your skills and understand your talents, then the correct choice will come to you. 

How To Choose What You Should Do and Which Way to Go With Your Artistic Talent

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The most important thing you can do is choose where you want to be. This will be a pivotal moment where you finalize the decision of what industry you want to be in, and the type of art you want to focus on specifically. 

Once you have discovered the mediums you would like to pursue, you may now focus on mastering your skills and delving into new things. 

Oftentimes when you are exploring new mediums it is easy to become overwhelmed. You want to be able to learn these new things and grasp them your first time around, but this is typically never the case. However, this can also be an exciting time! After all, when else will you get the chance to explore so many possibilities for the first time and figure out what you enjoy?

It takes time, practice, and a strong understanding before you can even begin to master these new things, and while it is common to feel discouraged or unmotivated, especially when you are having trouble understanding the new skills you are learning, when this occurs you should try to take a step back and think about the beginning of your creative career.

When you first began art, were you the best at doing what you do now? 

The answer will always be no. It takes time, practice, and a strong drive to become talented in what you love to do. There will always be room to grow, especially as you choose your niche and find the path you belong to. 

How To Deal With Frustration When It Comes Into Play 

If you have become discouraged or stressed while working with these new ideas, you may understand how frustration comes into your mind and won’t go away. It is common to feel a sense of frustration within yourself that just makes you want to give up. 

You feel that this is the easy way out and it would be a lot simpler than pushing through it to get better at what you’re doing, but this is not the case. Try to think of these new ideas in a different light and maintain a positive mindset. 

Think back to when you first began creating art. You may have felt this sense of frustration because you were starting to learn new skills and desired to master them to the best of your abilities, and when that didn’t happen right away, you welcomed the frustration and used it to improve so you could eventually rid yourself of it. 

But then you got so used to not having this frustration around that when you try new things and it pops back up again, you don’t want to deal with it. You give it up and won’t continue to try because it seems easier this way. Once you’ve worked through the frustration once, you know how daunting it can be and might be less willing to go through that again. 

This is not how you should react when frustration shows up in your creativity. Think of it as a way to get better at what you are doing, a way to learn new skills and push yourself to become the best at what you are learning. 

Think of frustration as your friend who is annoying at times, but you welcome them into your life anyway, because deep down they mean well and have good intentions. While you may feel like this frustration will never go away, you must recognize that as you master new skills it will eventually feel nonexistent. 

Frustration is a component of learning new skills and becoming the best artist you can be. It is a part of the creative process that is vital if you truly want to pursue your dreams!

Is It Important To Constantly Be Learning New Artistic Skills?

It is VERY important that you are always learning and educating yourself to be the best person you can be creatively. You cannot do things without allowing yourself to become educated first. You must be willing to expand your knowledge and constantly be picking up on new things. 

But what should you be learning? 

You should be focused on something that interests you, will benefit you, and that you have a passion for. The idea is that you have chosen the best thing in order to make sure you open a door filled with opportunity. 

If you are unsure, use this time to explore new things and focus on where your passion may be. Spend time practicing and perfecting your skills until you are confident in yourself and your creative process. After this, you may decide if this is something you can see being the focal point of your career and creativity. 

Try multiple things. Spend time understanding any tools you think you need to succeed. If something new sparks interest in you, then give it a try. Take online art courses, look to the works of professional artists and allow yourself to be immersed in trying new things. What you are learning may take a little while to get used to and fully grasp, but anything can be accomplished if you have the passion to do it!

You Choose The Path You Believe You Belong To 

The most important thing you can do is decide which medium you are good at and keep pursuing that until you master the skills you need. Decide where you stand. Is this thing going to help you reach your goals and dreams? Do you want to bring this into the variety of skills and talents within what you create? 

Knowing these things will ultimately guide you down the path that you need, in order to begin your future and the creative journey you are taking on. 

If you don’t spend your time wisely and if you don’t focus on developing new skills, then you will never know what you should really be doing. If you never find out what you are good at and try your best to learn these new things, then you will never know if that idea was really meant for you. 

This is the biggest injustice you could do to yourself regarding building a future you are happy with. Your goal is to gain skills, try new things and find the niche that is right for you. Only YOU can make this choice and only you can create success for yourself, no matter where you end up. 

With time, practice, knowledge, and frustration, you will decipher where you want to be. It will come to you as you understand within yourself what you desire your future to look like. 

Making Your Way on the Artistic Avenue You Choose to Take

Through this time of discovering who you are and what path you must choose to take, you will find success and passion lies ahead as you finally make your way. You have taken time to learn and develop new skills according to your interests, passions, and strengths. 

You welcomed frustration with open arms and allowed it to merely be an aide in your creative process, and you mastered the skills necessary to build upon your dreams!

The future is in your hands and is waiting for you at the end of the path you decide to go down. The goals you have set can all be reached and the passion you feel burning inside you will always be there. 

Remember – as long as you are working towards what brings you happiness, you are on the pathway to success and nothing can take that away. You’ve found where you were destined to be, and as you make your way down that path. you will expand yourself creatively and see all that you can accomplish, even your wildest dreams! 

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