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What Are The Art Fundamentals?

what are the art fundamentals

What Are The Art Fundamentals?

What Are The Art Fundamentals?

The fundamentals of art are something every artist can fall back on. They are the building blocks of creating the work that you want. Having a foundation of skills can benefit any artist. However, the fundamentals of art might change based on what you are drawing.

For instance, a landscape artist might need to know different basic fundamentals than somebody working on a portrait. A drawing with several elements in it could require knowing the fundamentals for several different styles of art! That is one of the reasons visual arts can be so challenging, it takes so much practice to become a great artist because there is so much to learn!

Learning the fundamentals of different types of art can make you a much stronger artist! Drawing characters, for instance, becomes much easier when you understand basic anatomy. That makes learning anatomy one of the fundamentals of drawing human or animal figures! And the reason  that Figure Drawing is an entry level art class. 

Learning from online art schools can make this learning curve a lot smoother and easier to understand. Here are some of the fundamentals you will want to master as you’re growing as an artist. 


So, if every kind of art has different fundamentals and things to learn, how do you know where to start to become a well-rounded artist? Something that ties all the fundamentals and types of art together is structure! Structure plays a part in every single art type and style you can find.

Good structure is a little hard to nail down because depending on what you want your piece to look like, the structure can be very different. A good test is to see if what you’ve drawn or created looks as solid and three dimensional as possible. A well-structured piece should seem solid and sturdy, it should make sense in the context of your drawing.

A great way to check the structure of your drawing is to mirror it and make sure it still looks solid when it is flipped! This is a good hack to quickly notice mistakes and inconsistencies in your art that you might easily overlook. Fixing those inconsistencies increases your structure and makes your drawing look better and more professional!

Overall, the structure of your work should add the basics you need to create a great piece! If you start with a weak structure then your drawing is unlikely to morph into the well-built piece you wanted to achieve. The best way to begin a great work of art is with a well-built structure! You can learn these skills by taking any online art class and by practicing. 


Another fundamental skill that you can use on any form of art is focusing on the lighting. In every single piece you create the lighting has to be coming from somewhere! Remembering where that lighting is coming from and keeping that consistent is a great way to make sure your art stays consistent. Ask yourself Is it sunny or is there a candle in the room?

This is especially relevant in paintings as the lighting can completely change the piece and it is noticeable if your lighting is not consistent. The source of your light, the brightness, and the color of the light can change your painting and add new, interesting details. Lighting in an artwork is one of the fundamental skills that spread across all forms of art!

You can focus on the way that color changes or is manipulated to add interest and change your art in ways you did not think of before. A red lighting, or a dim candle, even adding some clouds can change the way the light is falling onto your work and bring out new details. Lighting is a really cool and interesting way to change and add interest to your artwork!

Make sure you are considering your light source in all of your artwork, not just paintings! Figure out which kind of light will bring the most depth and detail to your art so you can focus on creating a great work of art. Lighting is an essential thing to consider in any piece of art you are creating! 


What are the fundamentals of art?

Color is another fundamental art skill that many artists have to know. Obviously, not every artist works in color but it is still common enough to include for most artists. And having an understanding of color can only benefit you. Even if you do not usually work with color, knowing the basics of it is important to make you a well-rounded artist and a reliable expert. 

While understanding color is important for painters who have to consider the way the hues will affect their piece. The strength of color used and the placement can bring out new details in your work and add interest! It can also make your painting a better piece that you are proud of! But color is also important in graphic design and animation. Color theory isn’t restricted to one medium. 

Considering the colors in your work can change both the mood and focus of your painting! For instance, a picture that you thought of as bright might be a completely different work if you add rain and darker colors! Color can completely change a piece of art!

It is especially important to learn how different works are expressed under different colored lighting. If you have a purple light shining on your painting, how does that change the other colors and the painting as a whole? Learning how colors can change under different lighting and how colors change a piece is one of the most important fundamentals you can learn!

Building Blocks

So if the fundamentals of art can change based on the type of art you are trying to create, how do you know what you need to learn? Where do you begin to learn the fundamentals of the type of art you want to create? Where you need to begin is with the basic building blocks of the art you make! Most of the time you can learn these great concepts by taking an online art program. 

Most of these fall under the basic structure of your art piece. These foundation skills are the things that make your art piece in its most simple form that you can build up from! There will be a different skill set for each medium you’re working with, but the skills build off of each other and can help in any artistic venture. 

Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, a landscape vs. portrait for instance, will require your focus on different elements. But having a solid understanding of fundamentals will help you to create whatever kind of art you want to make! If you want to make several types of art then you will need to learn different fundamentals for each style you choose to work in!

Professional artists have spent time learning the basics and it is because of these fundamentals that they have become so talented. If you are aspiring to greatness taking some time with the building block skills and learning to apply them to your art is essential.

Off and Online Art School Can Help

There’s really only one good way to learn the fundamentals: practice. There are a few ways to do this. Some people choose to learn through trial and error as well as some basic instruction from books or videos. Other people make the decision to take offline or online art classes to perfect their particular style of artwork.

This requires a really good teacher who is trustworthy so you can learn the correct fundamentals for your art style! As you’re looking for the right instructor for you, ask to see their portfolio of work. Once you have made sure their work has a good structure you can rest assured that they can teach you. If your teacher does not know the fundamentals then they will not be able to help you learn them either. 

Many teachers will have an impressive background in their field and you can look at their work to prove their skills. You want teachers that understand what they are doing so they can teach you the correct techniques so you can achieve your goals! Their guidance will help you become a better and more well-rounded artist!

The key is searching out the people who have done what you want to do. There are teachers who have animated your favorite movies or drawn the type of pictures you want to create, seek them out! Learn from the people you want to emulate and you will have a leg up at creating the kind of artwork you have always wanted to make!


Learn the fundamentals of art to improve as an artist

The fundamentals of art are the building blocks you use to create each piece of work. Every art style requires different fundamentals that you must know well in order to use them to create your best possible work. You may need to learn the fundamentals of many different art pieces in order to create the exact piece you want.

You may not get these skills naturally but you can learn from teachers and those with more experience. With some time and practice you can put these fundamentals to work for you in your work! 

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