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I Want To Pursue an Art Career But I’m Afraid Of What My Family Will Think

I Want To Pursue an Art Career But I’m Afraid Of What My Family Will Think

I Want To Pursue an Art Career But I’m Afraid Of What My Family Will Think

Many people may enjoy working with art, but they are ultimately reluctant to pursue art as a career because they are afraid of what their family may think of them. This is not an uncommon topic that comes up and several people are actually deterred from following their dreams because they are worried about their family’s reactions to their work.

While your family’s guidance and acceptance is important, it isn’t necessarily always right and sometimes you have to make a decision that your family doesn’t agree with if you believe that your potential is high within the industry of art. 

It is also important to think about why you want to work within the art industry. Is it about doing something that you enjoy to produce an income? Or is it an industry where you want to show off your work to others and get their emotional reactions?  

This is an answer that can only be produced from within your emotions. If you are trying to impress others with your artistic creations, then you may not be pursuing a career in the art industry for the right reasons. It would probably be better to pursue an art career if you are doing it for your own enjoyment instead of trying to earn the approval from others in your family.

Don’t Let Others’ Opinions Affect Your Decision to Pursue an Art Career

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There is a possibility that your friends, family members, or relatives may interject with their opinions about your career when they speak to you. It’s possible that the reactions will be positive but it’s also possible that some of your friends and family members will not be so positive about your career decision. After all, the art industry has become highly saturated over the years, and there is no guarantee that you will find the success you’re looking for. 

While this is true for the art industry, it doesn’t ONLY apply to the art industry and is also true about many different kinds of work industries. You should personally do your own research to see if this is an industry that has the potential to improve your future. 

You should always be realistic and definitely listen to the criticism that your friends and family present to you. It might be a good idea to address some of their concerns and express to them that you understand many of the challenges that they have highlighted and discussed. If you have a concrete plan for your foreseeable future, share it with them to ease their worries. 

They may be bringing up some very reasonable concerns and their opinions are likely to protect

you from the possibility of failure. The problem with this is that it is not possible to succeed without taking some risks. 

There is a balance between listening to advice and protecting yourself from failure and actually going out and taking risks to try and succeed as an artist within the industry. If you have the support of your family and you can see a financial future ahead that is stable and profitable, then it may make sense to continue down this career pathway until it is no longer sustainable. In addition to making sure that the finances are balanced, you should also try to make sure that you enjoy your work.

If at some point you wake up one morning and realize that you are no longer enjoying your work activities, then it is time to sit down and seriously think if it is worth it to go on. This would be a great time to sit down with a trusted family member or friend and have an honest conversation. 

Set Career Goals For Yourself as an Artist

pursuing an art career

If you plan on skyrocketing to the top of the industry in a matter of weeks and suddenly become a successful artist, then you probably should try to shift back towards reality and think about how hard the road to success can be to become successful as an artist. 

Just like with everything else in life, it takes many hours of hard work and effort to become successful enough to pursue this as a career. The good news is that there are many different things that you can do along the way to keep you motivated.

You should set reasonable goals for yourself that you can achieve at regular intervals as you continue to progress. These can be monetary earnings goals, talent-based goals, or some other form of goal that can be tracked. 

Many people like to write down their goals into a notebook and check them off when they are finally completed. You could also use smartphones or tablets to download a ‘checklist’ app and set up goals for yourself in there. You can even receive notifications of your daily and weekly progress to see how you are doing. 

Setting goals for yourself is important because many people will lose motivation in their line of work if there is not a clear objective for the near future. You should always be striving to achieve that next objective and unfortunately, those goals or objectives are not always clear. 

Project Goals vs. Long-Term Goals

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The differences between a project goal and a long-term goal can be very interesting and important to understand. Project goals are typically short-term goals that lay within an individual work project while long-term goals can span weeks, months, or even years. 

If you have an important work project that you are working on, then it’s probably a good idea to set work goals for that specific project. For example, maybe you have ten different artistic creations that need to be completed for a specific project. You could set a goal at the completion of each individual creation for a total of ten goals that you can mark off as you complete them.

It feels really satisfying to mark a box on a checklist so don’t be afraid to add a lot of goals to help keep you motivated. Motivation is one of the biggest concerns and topics to address as you work in any industry, including art. 

Longer-term goals might be a little bit less clear in the immediate future but sometimes it’s a good idea to put some of these goals on your checklist as well. One good example would be to complete 100 different orders for clients or something along those lines. 

Practice is the Best Way to Improve

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If you are really set on trying to impress your family with your abilities and skills, then you are going to need to be prepared to practice a lot. It doesn’t matter what line of work you pursue in life but the truth of the matter is that practice is the best way to make progress and improve your overall abilities.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to impress your family members as long as you are willing to take in constructive criticism that you may not exactly want to hear. The good news is that with the right amount of practice, you will be able to shock your friends and family with your skill! 

You can also provide them with samples of your work as you improve your art skills over the months and years. One great way to set yourself up for success is to set up a regular schedule that you are committed to working on art. 

These sessions don’t always have to involve you working independently on your skills. You can take an online art class or even browse other artworks and educate yourself on the processes of different artists.

Sometimes the best practice is to read, study, or even watch videos about how other successful individuals reached their success. It certainly doesn’t hurt to change up the routine every now and again, but you should try to remain consistent in your first few months to make sure that you are progressing at a reasonable rate.

If your family and friends are preaching about practice to you, then you should probably listen to their advice and think about the different types of ways that you can improve by practicing on a regular predetermined schedule. 

Don’t Give Up on Pursuing a Career in Art Without Giving Your Best Effort

If you really want to be a successful, professional artist, then it is really important that you don’t give up without taking your best swing. In other words, don’t miss out on an opportunity without giving an appropriate amount of time and effort to at least attempt your goals. 

Failure is a part of life, but it isn’t guaranteed, just as success is not guaranteed. You will face many challenges along your pathway but you have the power to overcome them and elevate yourself to a new level of success. 

There are many different important topics to address within this post in regards to your interaction with your family members and friends. Their opinions can be valuable advice or guidance but they should not deter you or intimidate you from completing your goals. If anything, their criticism should be used as motivation to prove them wrong. 

Now that you’ve had the chance to learn a slightly different perspective, you are likely slightly more emotionally prepared for the path ahead. You should give your best effort every day and try to do everything to set yourself up for success. 

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