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Tips for Plein Air Painting

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Tips for Plein Air Painting

Tips for Plein Air Painting

Are you interested in trying out plein air painting but don’t know where to begin? Have you been wanting to give it a try but too afraid to do it alone? Maybe you’ve asked a group of friends to join you, but they all declined. Maybe you think you’ll stick out or feel uncomfortable alone in nature with your easel. 

Regardless of your worries or anxiety, if this is where your passions or interests lie, why not give it a try? Your passions should be valuable to you. They should help you discover what you like, what you’re good at, and the future you can build in the art industry. Your passion is the fire in your eyes every time you pick up the paintbrush. It’s the emotion you portray through the colors on your canvas. Passion is in everything you do. It is what motivates you and carries you through your career. 

Whether you do it alone or with a group of friends, you should participate in plein air painting if it’s something you want to try. Allow yourself to gain new skills, spend time in nature, and learn more about who you are as an artist. Use this time to grow and explore your talents. This could impact the entire future of your career. 

Put yourself first. Take on what interests you, even if no one else wants to join. Experience this style of art and find where your passions lie. 

All About Plein Air Painting 

Plein air painting is the act of painting outdoors while observing nature. It gives the impression of the open air and landscape. 

This technique is beneficial to many artists because it gives them the chance to see colors and lighting situations that appear in real life. It allows them to see the details of a landscape, bringing in specific lighting or shading to the painting. This technique helps to capture the beauty of their surroundings, pulling in features from their experience in nature. 

Artists have used this style of painting to their advantage to help them better understand the basis of painting landscapes. Monet is famous for using this method, by observing his surroundings and bringing them to life through his recreations. 

Plein air painting can help any artist explore their talents and gain new skills along the way. It will allow you to look at your art from an all-new perspective, understanding nature’s connection to everything you create.

Benefits of Pursuing Plein Air Painting By Yourself 

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When you’re alone in nature, there is generally a good feeling that will surround you. This is a feeling you can’t get anywhere else. It comes from the peace and serenity of nature. 

When taking part in plein air painting, you have the opportunity to become one with nature. You can immerse yourself in a new environment, breaking away from the traditional studio, to create art from a new point of view. 

The colors, light, and details you see will be reproduced on your canvas, showing off the beauty of the natural setting. You can observe everything around you, bringing your experiences into the painting. Use your unique skills and talents to put nature’s beauty on display in your piece. 

This can also be a lesson in lighting, to see how it works and reflects in real life. You will see where moments of highlights and shadows are captured, finding ways to successfully create that in your work. This experience will help you gain knowledge and expertise in plein air painting, giving you more skills to retain and utilize throughout your career. 

As a result of stepping out of your comfort zone, you will have the chance to learn and grow as an artist. You will be able to sharpen your current skill set and incorporate new ideas into your paintings. You will gain more from your experiences and get better at what you do. And nest of all, you will see your work evolve and change over time as you learn more throughout your career. 

Keep painting, even if you have to do it alone! If this is something you have a passion for, give it a try. Pursue your passions and don’t be afraid to stand out amongst the crowd. 

Navigating your Artistic Journey  

Consider the positive impact that these experiences and adventures will have on your journey as an artist. Think of the skills you can gain and the peace you will find in reaching your state of flow while painting in nature. Think about how you can improve and evolve as an artist over time. Think of the success you can create through your art by bringing nature to life. 

Even if you spent time alone or felt lonely at some point in your life, the outcome will be worth it in the end. At least you stepped out of your comfort zone and tried. Taking time for yourself and finding peace in being alone can be valuable in all walks of life. These experiences will have an impact on you, your art, and the skills you obtain in the future. 

Later in life, you will think back to these times and realize this was what you were supposed to do. You will be thankful you pursued something you had a passion for and didn’t give up. You will see the impact it has on your career and the strength it brought to your character. 

Even if you are alone on your adventures, you will look back and be grateful you took a chance!

Finding a Community to Plein Air Paint with You 

If you enjoy painting alone but want to share your adventures with others, you have to build a community that shares similar interests. Post pictures of your painting adventures on social media to show off your experiences and the peace that accompanies nature. Use this to spark interest and get your friends motivated to be creative. 

Have fun with whatever you do and show others the fun that you have pursuing something you love. Post on Facebook or Instagram, putting your art and experiences on display. People will see the fun you’re having and how it is impacting your art. 

Maybe you will connect with friends or meet new people along the way. Regardless, you will be able to create a community of like-minded people who share the same interests as you. 

Doing What You Love 

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During your artistic journey, you should always be actively pursuing what you love. Even if you start painting by yourself, use this time to your advantage. Find peace and solace by immersing yourself in nature and finding details that spark your creativity. Use nature to inspire you as you find your state of flow, which is essential to any artist.  

If plein air painting is valuable to you, then find ways to pursue it. Post photos of your adventures, share your stories and showcase final paintings. Use social media to express your love for this technique and you might find a community with the same interests. 

Whether you are doing it alone or with a group of friends, take time to pursue what you love. Even if it scares you, take a chance! One day you will look back and be thankful for the experiences that you had. 

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