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How Do I Make The Most Out Of Being In Animation School?

How Do I Make The Most Out Of Being In Animation School?

How Do I Make The Most Out Of Being In Animation School?

Learning, Self Discovery, and Loving What You Do As An Animator 

So, you’re a student at an animation school. You studied hard, got your acceptance letter, and now you’re there, finally getting to learn about what you love to do! Finally getting to focus on what you want to do to build a future for yourself. 

But now you’re thinking, how do I make the most of my experience here? How do I make the most of this crucial, yet somewhat overwhelming time in my life? 

It is common to feel this way when beginning the journey of studying and taking in-person or online art courses that will eventually pave the path for your future. You will discover talents and skills within yourself that you never even knew existed. 

Your knowledge will expand and learning will become second nature as you take in the new environment you are in. While this can seem overwhelming at the beginning, the rewards that reap from your experience will be more than worth it for your dreams to come true. 

You took the first steps. You got to where you need to be and there is so much left to do, but nothing can stop you from becoming the best artist you can be. 

What Do You Want To Focus Your Studies On in Animation School?

To begin making the most of your school experience, you must first decide what you want to focus the core of your studies on. What is something you are passionate about? What is something you want to get better at each day?

This can be a time of self-discovery where you immerse yourself in learning new things and see what intrigues you the most out of all the subjects you are taking. See what brings you the most joy and can be implemented into your future career. 

Coming to the conclusion of where your passion lies can assist you in soaking up knowledge and learning new things. This is your time to be inquisitive, educate yourself, and find where your true inspiration is. It is a time to work on yourself, your studies and figure out how to shape the world around you. 

Once you have decided what you want to focus on, you will be unstoppable as you master the skills needed to thrive in your studies and succeed in the future ahead!

How To Keep Focus Where Your True Passion Lies With Animation

Now that you know what you want to focus on, you can figure out how you want to build upon this to prepare for the future. You can eagerly delve into the world of learning that awaits you, but a few worries may pop into your head along the way. 

How will you keep your focus on your passion when you must take other classes that may not be related to what you wish to do in the future? What are some ways that you can work on your main goals and still flourish throughout your schooling? 

One way to keep the focus on your passions and make the most of being at school is to utilize different forms of social media to your advantage. Social media can be a great tool to get your name into the world, stay relevant and showcase what you love to create. 

Others will see your talents and your creativity will shine through. This will not only inspire others but motivate you to continue to stay active and pursue your talents online. 

It is also common to be overloaded with homework and assignments all begging for your time and attention. You may want to put tons of effort into all of them but time constraints and due dates can hinder your ability to do that. This is when knowing your main focus can come in handy.

Let’s say you want to specialize in character design but you have multiple assignments due, not only in character design but also graphics, animation, and drawing. How can you keep character design the main focus but also complete the other assignments with the same passion? 

If character design is your main focus then spend a majority of your time perfecting those assignments and build up your skills accordingly. Use new tools to help you progress within the main subject of your focus and spend more time on these courses.

Of course, you want to spend adequate time on other assignments, too, but it is important to intertwine character design into these other projects as well. Create the elaborate characters you want to, even if it is only for an animation class. Find ways to channel your main passion into your other types of art classes so you can continue to build experience for your future. 

Maintain Balance In Your Life As an Animation Student

going to animation school

School can be so rewarding yet overwhelming and draining at the same time. You have so much drive and focus but it is often difficult to maintain a balance between school, work, art, and your social life. It is important to find a way to balance these things within your life in order to continue to succeed. 

Large amounts of homework and assignments combined with working a couple of nights a week and the constant desire to maintain your social life can be too much to handle at times. This is why it is vital to find the balance you need within your life and figure out where you are spending your time. 

Maybe a schedule or a routine could help you better plan your days and de-stress your mind. Pencil in time for your art, to practice what you love to do. Plan time to study around your classes and when to work on your assignments that are due.

While working is mandatory to continue your education and pay for necessities, you must remember this is all the test of life. Work is always going to be a way you spend your time but the true test is knowing how bad you want what you are working towards. How badly do you want to reach your goals? 

With the proper balance and drive, you will find what motivates you. You will find that nothing can stop you from reaching your goals. You will withstand the test of life and prove to yourself how badly you desire to pursue your dreams. 

Using Animation School to Find Inspiration

Attending an art/animation school can be refreshing and motivating, seeing that everyone around you has similar passions and an unwavering drive to succedd. This can help you stay inspired and keep your passion for learning and education alive. When there is positive energy surrounding you it is a beautiful thing to find the inspiration that lies within yourself. 

Befriending others in your art classes and seeing their creativity can influence you to try new things and expand your horizons. Pay close attention to the lessons and advice that your art instructors provide. The people you meet at school can be inspiring and help to keep the artistic flow within you going. 

Use other artists’ styles to influence your own. See which artists inspire you and study their work. Get familiar with their tools and techniques. Use the style you are studying to impact your own and use this as a foundation for your future to build upon. 

The more knowledge you can absorb the better off you will be! Your style of creativity will bloom as you gain more experience and continue to create things that are uniquely you.

To stay inspired is to stay motivated, which will result in the progression of your education and your art. You must always look to things in your everyday life, finding inspiration even in the simplest forms. Find your style and let it shine. Put it on display and continue to find the creativity that is within you. 

Remember, sometimes you can step outside of your comfort zone and you may surprise yourself. You can benefit from studying the same thing but in new and different ways. This can only further your learning. Changing up your style or finding new ways to express your creativity can always benefit the artist inside of you. Inspiration is key! Stay inspired in your life and the rest will come naturally. 

What Do You Want Your End Result To Be from Your Animation School Career? 

taking animation classes

Where do you really see yourself in the future? Where do you dream of being? What do you dream of doing?

Consider a photograph, the camera may dictate the exposure or contrast, but only you can decipher the slice of life that has been documented. Analyze the slice of life that you are currently seeing right now and figure out where you truly wish to be. Dive deep into where your passions lie and build yourself a path to success. 

Think of school as a bicycle, with training wheels. You can only go so far until it is time to take them off. You will learn so much and expand your education while at school but eventually you must master what you desire to do and take off, training wheels removed. 

You can take it slowly, but there comes a time when you have to go your own way and find the future you have worked so hard to create. 

To master your skills, it takes lots of time, patience, and practice. But most importantly, it takes self-discipline. You must want this so bad and be ruthless when taking on the future you wish for. Use the tools you gained from school to benefit you along the way. 

Understand where you want to be and where your dreams can eventually take you. Look at how far you have come and focus your energy on creating a future for yourself filled with success each step of the way. 

With the complete mastery of your talents, the strong education you have under your belt and the passion that hides within your soul, you will finally be able to do what you love in the end. All the work, studies, and social activities won’t compare to the feeling of finding success, pursuing your passions, and loving what you do each day!

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