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Is Luck An Important Factor For Success?

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Is Luck An Important Factor For Success?

Is Luck An Important Factor For Success?

One of the most difficult aspects for young artists to grasp is the idea of whether or not luck plays a part in how successful they may become. Whether you are struggling or rising up to be the artist you’ve always dreamed of might be indicative of how lucky you are, but there are many factors that go into being successful as an artist. 

While it’s true there is no one surefire way to guarantee success as an artist, there are many things you can do to help build you up and give you a step up. Finding personal growth is better than luck in most cases since it gives you a foundation to fall back on no matter what your personal circumstances may be. 

Making changes to yourself and growing can push the boundaries of what you’re comfortable with. But why leave your life up to waiting around for luck to find you? If you want to make your own luck and success, keep on reading to see how you can create your own good fortune.  

Attitude is Everything 

Becoming successful as an artist isn’t as simple as good karma: you can’t expect good things to happen to you just because you are being a good person. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t something to be said about attitude.

Your attitude can be quite indicative of your future successes. Do you enjoy being around people who are gloomy or would you rather hang out with upbeat or funny people? Most likely, the people you’d like to work with professionally are genuinely less morose.

Consider how other people see you. When you are projecting disappointment and discontent towards others, it’s likely your peers will be less interested in spending time with you, whether that be for personal or professional reasons. Reevaluate your attitude and how you relate to the world. The result of putting bad energy into the world may ultimately leave you dissatisfied.

Being peppy doesn’t guarantee success by any stretch of the imagination, but when you feel as though you’re going to find success, oftentimes you are more likely to take action to make it happen. That might be taking a new art class and building up your skills to become more successful in your chosen medium. 

Perhaps you’ll decide to start practicing for a half-hour every day until you see improvement in something that has been elusive up until this point in your life. Whatever you need to tell yourself to become more driven can improve your attitude, and your potential for success just may benefit from an attitude check. 

Any shortcomings that you’ve attributed to “bad luck” may just be your slightly more negative outlook on things. Things likely won’t change overnight if you’ve decided to be happy for a day, but if your art truly makes you happy, then it’s worth sticking with it and studying hard to prove to yourself that you can be successful.

Being kind to others, putting yourself out there, and helping out with a genuine attitude of caring can help you build bridges and relationships that can benefit you going forward. Hindsight is 20/20, and you never know what positive change you make today could be the deciding factor in becoming the best version of yourself in the future. 

Your attitude isn’t the only factor that will determine how far you get as an artist, but it certainly can’t hurt to take some time and reflect on the person you’d like to be and whether your attitude needs an adjustment. Even making an effort to smile at more people can have a profound impact on your “luck”! 

Changing your inner monologue and adjusting negative self-talk might be challenging but the attitude adjustment and keeping a positive outlook can help you make a little luck of your own. March forward with a positive attitude and see where it takes you – what do you have to lose?

Putting Yourself Out There 

Let’s be honest, the easy thing to do is to stay in your own little bubble. Meeting new people can be intimidating and challenging, and putting yourself out there can be risky and scary. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it! You never know who you’ll have a chance to interact with and how those interactions may ultimately benefit your career as an artist.

One of the most interesting things about the art world is that the network is ever connected. You never know who the person you may be talking to knows already and how far their network can take you. Building a relationship with someone new could lead to a multitude of friendships and opportunities. 

As you naturally grow your network of friends, co-workers, and other artists, you’ll develop deeper relationships and more opportunities to stretch yourself. Some people might look at you and think you’re lucky, but you’ll know the truth. You worked hard and put yourself out there to meet new people and find different ways to engage with them as artists. 

Learning from other artists can be a game-changer in how you create. Whether you pick up a new technique or they spark a new bout of inspiration that leads you to excellent work, having a network of artists in your life can only further your successes. Plus, the skills you add to your toolbox are better than luck because you can never unlearn something. 

You’re never too old to learn, so taking a class whether in person or online can help you continue to grow in what you’re capable of. You may not even recognize the person you were at the beginning of a class – there’s room for that much growth while you’re learning! Taking classes is also an excellent way to grow your network and meet other like-minded individuals and artists.

When you receive feedback from your instructor, you’ll not only learn how to put yourself out there in a relatively safe environment, but it can help make those close connections with others who are in the same place as you. Even online, there are connections that can be made, and in today’s world of working remotely, don’t pass up the chance to make friends no matter where their geographic location is. 

Plant Good Seeds

When you’re in doubt about how to keep moving forward or how to network, it can be difficult to know what to do. It can be especially challenging when your attitude can use improvement. One way to achieve success is to plant good seeds by doing good work.

Doing good work doesn’t mean you need to go start a charity or anything complicated. Simply showing up for other people and lending a helping hand can go a long way when it comes to building relationships and helping you develop a better attitude yourself. It’s possible the people you help will be able to help you in kind as well.

While not everything you do will lead to further successes, spreading joy and goodness into the world can come back to you in unexpected ways. What might seem to be “luck” to an outsider can easily be explained when they know the backstory of how you helped someone a time prior and they are paying you back in kind. 

Finding ways to plant good seeds in the art world might include volunteering at gallery openings or conventions. Putting yourself in the path of those whom you admire and would like to learn from. Worst case scenario, you spend some time around people who inspire you. In the best-case scenario, you can see the fruits of your effort lead to something good in your own artistic career. 

It’s important when you’re doing good deeds that you don’t set expectations of where it will launch you. Maybe a small piece of your brain might be hoping for something wonderful to come out of your actions, but no action is going to have immediate results. Just as a flower takes a while to grow from seeds, so too might your good efforts take a while to bloom into something positive for your career. 

Embrace the Challenges

If you’ve made some serious attitude adjustments, it might be easier to deal with the bad things that happen once in a while, but even those with the most upbeat personalities might find themselves at their wit’s end occasionally. 

The world doesn’t throw challenges into your path to knock you down, even though it does feel like that sometimes. What kind of person are you? Do you deserve what’s coming next? Sometimes challenges actually can be the catalyst for the best possible career moves or inspiration, but it’s all in how you look at it. 

Change your perspective to embrace the challenges when they arise. This doesn’t mean you need to be thankful for bad things that happen, simply put, learn how to channel the bad into something good through your art. These moments are ripe for personal growth

Keeping your mind open to the possibilities with challenging moments can help you to grow further and achieve more success. Everyone goes through difficult moments, but it’s how they push through and learn from those moments that set them apart in the world. 

It’s Not All Luck and Karma – It’s You!

Whether you believe success is a matter of luck, karma, or a mixture of other things, one thing is certain: success also comes with hard work. Taking classes, drawing regularly, and building up your artistic toolbox is just as important to networking and doing nice things for others. 

Just hanging out with artists isn’t going to help you find success as an artist if you aren’t able to draw. Take your time and find the balance between trying to improve your luck and growing as an artist is important. 

Brush up on your attitude, meet new people and keep working no matter what happens: that’s how you’ll find your own realm of success! And when you do, you’ll feel lucky! Taking time to learn and grow whether from life or an art class will improve your own personal satisfaction. 

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