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How To Take Breaks: Balancing Work and Relaxation to Improve Your Art

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How To Take Breaks: Balancing Work and Relaxation to Improve Your Art

How To Take Breaks: Balancing Work and Relaxation to Improve Your Art

It seems like an easy thing to do, right? Just take a break! Sit back and relax! Do nothing! It’s so important to find time in your day to relax and take a break. But, in a way, it is almost as if we have forgotten how to be lazy. 

With everything being such a constant grind these days, some people have seemed to have forgotten how to take time for themselves, to take a step back and enjoy a moment of peace to avoid being overwhelmed.

Taking a break in your day is just as important as the work you complete, helping you to remain balanced, focused, and energized throughout your day. 

We often forget the benefits of taking time to relax and how it can have a positive influence on our workday. We are so used to this “go, go, go” way of life, but it is not healthy nor helpful to you or your productivity. 

To continue to succeed in your artwork and what you create, it is more valuable than you may realize to incorporate time for yourself during your workweek. Find time to spend doing what you enjoy, find something that relaxes you and gives you the recharge you need to continue the day in high spirits and with heightened energy. 

It is about listening to your body and mind, focusing on what you need to do to be more productive and efficient in your day. This will look different for everyone, but it is about finding what relaxes you and what you can include in your day to take time for a break. 

How can you create a successful balance between work and relaxation during your work week? 

Find Time In Your Day To Actively Rest in Order to Create Better Art

To begin finding a balance, it is important that you are looking for ways to add relaxation and rest into your workday. You will need to start including this in your routine, taking time to specifically focus on yourself, relaxing, and getting back into the right headspace to finish the day strong. 

Depending on your schedule and how long you work, it is up to you to decide when you will spend your time relaxing and how you will add it to your schedule. 

A lot of people like to take the morning for themselves, to relax before getting the workday started and begin the day on a positive note. It can be beneficial to wake up a couple hours earlier, take it slow and spend the morning preparing yourself for the day – physically, mentally, and spiritually. This will help you to establish productivity and organization from the start of your morning, up until your work is complete. 

Others prefer to take time out of their afternoon or during their lunch break to regroup and spend time relaxing before continuing on with the workday. If you often feel like the day is dragging or time is moving slow, then this can help break up the day and get you out of the work funk for a little while, allowing you to be more productive after your break. 

Some people prefer to take smaller breaks, multiple times throughout the day. This can be helpful for those that need to just get out of the workspace for a while and take a breather. This can also help you to regroup and take a moment to yourself, before finishing up the day. 

Using a timer can be helpful in reminding you when you should take time on and off continuously during your day, to get your work done while relaxing during the allotted time slots. 

For example, you could set your timer to go off every hour, reminding you to take a 10-minute break each hour to get up, stretch, get a snack, take a quick walk, or whatever else you need to do that will help you get in a better mindset when you return to your work. 

Regardless of the method you choose, you just have to find the right balance for you. Get to know how you relax best, what kinds of breaks will best benefit you, and help you to be more productive and efficient throughout your workday. 

Set yourself up with the tools to succeed, finding the balance you need between work and relaxation. A little chill time will make your grind more efficient.

Improving Your Artwork by Relaxing, Taking A Break, And Staying Energized In Your Day

person taking a coffee break to be a better artist

There are many different ways to relax, spend time on your break and re-energize for the rest of the day. Find what you like, what you enjoy, and how you want to spend your downtime. This will help you create a routine and find balance in your schedule, to ensure you are completing your workload while also taking breaks. 

Exercise and Eat Right to Become a Better Artist

To lead a generally healthy lifestyle, it is important to eat right and exercise regularly. This can help you to feel energized, fuel your body and keep your mind sharp, especially when the workday is dragging. 

When you make time for a break, you can make time to exercise, get some steps in or just enjoy some fresh air outside. This will give you time away from work and everything on your mind, allowing you to take a step back and breathe for a little while. 

Exercise can refuel your mind and get your blood pumping after being in the same spot for a period of time. Exercise can also help release those feel-good endorphins, which makes you happier and improve your overall mood! This can help you make it through the rest of your day, spark more creativity and energize you, preventing you from running out of steam.  

Get Enough Sleep to Create Great Artwork

To be productive and efficient during your workday, making sure you are getting enough sleep and resting your body when necessary is a big one. When you get the amount of rest you need, you’ll feel motivated and more ready to tackle the day. This will have a huge boost to your work ethic and how much you can get accomplished. 

When you can wake up, feel refreshed and take time for yourself, you are setting yourself up to have a good day and get work done. Getting plenty of Zs will help you excel in your career, giving you the energy and inspiration you need to succeed. 

Meditate to Improve Your Artistic Process

When you take a break during your workday, you may be interested in meditation to calm your mind, relax your body and take a moment to simply breathe. 

Meditation has been proven to reduce stress, promote calmness and increase focus. 

Whether you need to increase your focus or reduce your stress, meditation and mindfulness can be beneficial to anyone who practices this zen state of mind. This is something that can improve your physical, mental, and emotional state, giving you the tools you need to improve yourself and become more grounded. 

Read or Listen To A Podcast 

As our technology changes so do how we spend our time, shifting to a recent popularity with listening to podcasts. You are able to spend time listening to anything you choose, taking a moment to relax, and hang out on your break, and maybe learn some new fun facts. 

Of course, reading is always an option when deciding how you want to spend your downtime during the workday. Reading can take you away from reality, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a moment of peace and relaxation. 

What you choose to read is important too, impacting how you learn and think during your time reading. Self-help books can have a major impact on your day to day, opening up your mind to new ways of thinking and doing things. They can provide you with confidence, help you find your passion, and give you the motivation you need to make all of your dreams come true. 

Here is a list of recommended self-help books everyone should read:

  • Get It Done Now! by Brian Tracy
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey 
  • Atomic Habits by James Clear 
  • The Art of Learning by Joshua Waitzkin 
  • Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy 

There are many, many others, so feel free to explore your options and find a book that interests you! And keep in mind you can even escape with a cheesy romance book or a bone-chilling thriller for the same relaxation benefit.

Don’t Stress Over Things You Have No Control Over 

Something that can help you during your workday is to put down your phone, keeping you from being distracted while helping you to remain stress-free. 

It is important that you can stay focused, worrying about what is valuable to you and your life. This will help you stay level-headed and do what you need to do for yourself, to remain confident and successful in all of your efforts in your career. 

There can be so much negativity and unneeded drama that comes from spending time online, leaving you mentally exhausted and drained. This is no good, for you or your mental health

In a world that seems to be crazy all the time, you do not need to be overwhelmed or worried just because of something you saw on your social media feed during your break. This will only distract you from the workday, keeping you from accomplishing what you need to complete. 

Don’t stress over the things that you have no control over. Instead, do what you need to do for your mental health, your happiness, and the future of your career. 

You deserve the future you are building for yourself, so don’t let anything get in your way. 

Creating The Balance Between Work and Relaxation to Make Better Art

stacked rocks to symbolize balance of resting and working on art

To create a balance in your life between the time you spend working and taking breaks, it is important to find what works best for you and fits into your routine. 

Take time in the morning, afternoon, or night to relax and take a moment to yourself, to just breathe and think. Use this time to take a break in your day, to help you regroup and re-energize. These small moments will pay off big time and you owe them to yourself.

Discover how you can benefit from downtime, what helps you relax, and continue being motivated throughout your day. Educate yourself, find what interests you and how you can better yourself in turn, better your art. 

Whether you exercise, listen to a podcast, take a walk, read a book or meditate – make sure you are doing what is best for you. Treat yourself and enjoy a break every once in a while. In a world that is always on the go, it is more valuable than ever to relax and keep your chill during the workday. 

Remember, it is just as important to take a break as it is to complete your work. It sounds strange to say that taking breaks will make you more productive, but it’s true! Taking a break will actually help you be more efficient and creative as you continue your workday. Taking time to relax is proven to reduce stress and increase your focus rate, making this valuable to include in your daily routine. 

To be successful in your art, finding time to take a break is uber important. It will help you clear your mind, stay motivated and remain passionate about your work. 

Creating a balance between working and break time is what will set you up to succeed in your career and thrive in your future. You will have the balance in your routine to take on anything throughout your life, always taking time for yourself and your peace of mind! 

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