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How to Find More Time to do Art

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How to Find More Time to do Art

How to Find More Time to do Art

Creating art can require a lot of free time to be able to enjoy it fully and many artists struggle with trying to balance their time. Between working a full-time job, taking care of your family, making time for social activities, and other everyday tasks, it can feel almost impossible to find the time and energy to create your own personal artwork. This is one of the biggest challenges that artists face and this can limit artists to having to leave art on the back burner for their whole life.

For those who want to try to make art their job, this can be the biggest determining factor for success. Finding the time to commit to making art and also supporting your own promotion efforts and looking for sales and contracts to work on can be the biggest challenge that you will face. This is why you need to find out how to make more time to actually do art as an artist.

After all, if you are not finding the time to actually create art, you won’t be able to work on the other parts of the process like selling it, finding contracts, or making it your career.

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Creation Improves Your Skills

Creating art on a consistent basis is a must-do to develop your craft and get good at the skills that are needed to do art full-time. This creation process also helps you discover what you are the best at so that you can find your niche and really dig into the art that speaks to you. Most artists will tell you that you must have a unique artistic “voice” to really get noticed in most circles.

Without the creation process and the energy that goes into making art to grow as an artist, you will struggle to make art your life. Even if you only want to be able to find more time to create art for yourself, you must take the time to consistently create or your skills will stagnate and you might find that the process of creation is just not that enjoyable for you.

Be More Aware of How You Spend Your Time

One of the most effective things you can do when trying to make more time for art is to take a look at your day and notice how long you spend on other activities. You will probably be completely shocked to find out how many hours of the day are spent doing other tasks such as cooking, working your day job, playing on your phone, taking care of your family, etc. Obviously, there are many daily tasks that you cannot neglect, but being aware of how much time you spend doing these tasks can also make you aware of how to become more efficient, and can help you to notice if there are any gaps in your schedule where you could be utilizing your time better.

This process of identifying the gaps in time between when you are creating and when you are preparing to create can also reveal issues in your art processes. Do you get distracted in the middle of projects all the time? Are you wandering off task looking for reference materials or other examples for style? You might be sitting down to do art for a big part of your day, but if you are not actually creating during these periods, you are throwing away time that should be spent on art.

What Can You Do to Give Yourself More Time for Art?

Decide which activities you can change or slash from your daily schedule. Cut out lag time between creating pieces and remove hours spent playing video games or looking at social media. These small sacrifices can really add up.

Taking 15 minutes back here and there throughout your day can snowball into an hour or more a day. When multiplied over the course of the week, this can be 14 hours or more that you have devoted to art that was formerly being used for other unnecessary tasks and distractions.

Even if you are working full-time and art is a thing that you are doing in the evenings when you get home, you can still carve out time for your art by giving up small things that have been distracting you. There are so many ways to create more time for your art and most of them just require that you become aware of where you are spending your time each day.

When you can take these small bits of time and combine them, you can use those minutes and hours to create art! No matter what kinds of activities you are doing, you will need to consider their importance and if they’re taking up too much of your time. If you’re able to take some of that time back to focus on art, you’ll undoubtedly see your growth as an artist much faster than before.

Move With Haste

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Another factor that can really help you to be more productive in any arena, is shifting your focus from task to task with haste. You will probably be stunned when you look at the time that you are spending shifting from one task to the next. The gaps in between activities can also be pared down and you will gain lots of time from shifting readily from one project to the next.

That doesn’t mean you should ignore your need to take breaks! In fact, taking regular breaks can actually help you become more productive as they allow you to refresh your mind and loosen those knots your muscles from hovering over your project. Instead of sitting at your desk and staring at a blank page for 20 minutes wondering what to draw or paint, try taking a 10 minute break to go outside and get some inspiration instead. These breaks can be brief, however, and you can move on to your next project or back to your art with ease if you are aware of your intentions.

If your intention is to get back to your art, make sure that this is a priority. You do not have to rush wildly from one task to the next, but you will always need to consider that any kind of lag in your activities will remove you from your artwork and cut into your creation hours for the day.

Using Your Extra Time Wisely

Being able to take back these minutes, hours, and days to focus on your art allows you to learn and grow at a much faster rate. You can take this time to take art lessons, go to art school, or to work on skills that you need to advance. As you create, you will also be learning!

Art students live and breathe art. You might not be able to do this because you have a job or kids to take care of or other responsibilities, but taking back some minutes here and there every day will add up to the opportunity to grow as an artist.

Some skills are simple to learn and others take more time. No matter what else you want to work on within your artistic skills, you must be able to devote the time to the skills that you need to work on or you will not improve. You might not be able to work on these skills with the intensity of an art student, but you can give yourself the chance to make these skills a priority by making time for your art.

Art Opportunities Come Through Managing Your Priorities

For many people, the ability to do art for a living is the result of making careful choices that allow you to meet this goal. Art might not be something that you do for a living, but almost all artists want to have more time to create and produce art. Being able to create opportunities by reviewing your priorities is an essential part of the process of growing as an artist.

If you are able to find five minutes here, fifteen minutes there, and so forth, these can add up to many more hours in a week to create art. Art is a craft and without devoting time to this craft, you will be unlikely to find the success and fulfillment that you want to experience through your art. Art might not seem like it’s essential to your daily life, but making your art a priority can open doors to you that would otherwise be closed. 

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