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How To Create and Develop An Artistic Process

How To Create and Develop An Artistic Process

How To Create and Develop An Artistic Process

As an artist, it is important to have a reliable creative process that you can use during your career and in your artistic endeavors. Figuring out this process will shape the skills you have, adding more tools to your belt as you pick up new things along the way. But ultimately, this will shape your way of thinking and how you go about your entire creative process, and you will develop skills you can rely on and feel confident using throughout your career. 

To find what will work best for you it is important to ask yourself these questions: 

What can you continue to learn and study in order to expand your skills as an artist?

How can you implement these studies into what you do to create a strong artistic process that will benefit you creatively? 

Studying, experimenting, learning, and loving what you do are key components to creating the process that will end up working best for you. You can gain experience and knowledge that will assist you in creating beautiful art and will expand your skill sets along the way. 

Step One of Developing an Artistic Creative Process: Study 

When you begin the task of developing an artistic/creative process that best fits you, the most helpful thing you can do is study how other creatives execute their own process. By understanding how these artists utilize different skills and flourish in their creative ways, they can influence and inspire the way you build your own process to follow. 

Since these creatives spent many years developing their own unique ways of doing things, it is important that we look at this as a foundation for us to build upon. Their knowledge was enough to refine a process that they believe is tried and true, meaning it could be useful for you to implement it into your own process, in your own way. 

You can delve into your own studies by looking to online art courses, creative resources, or other artists that have paved the way. Studying and gaining knowledge should consume a big chunk of your time, as it is crucial for you to understand the tools needed in order to find the creative process that is right for you. These tools will prepare you to create an artistic process that will amplify your passions and future career. 

Ideas For Your Art Studies 

One thing you can benefit from studying is the Dutch style of painting that was created by Johannes Vermeer. He popularized this new style that originated in the seventeenth century by breaking free from the norms of the Baroque style that was typical for this time. Dutch painting introduced a more realistic style that depicts the world as it is around us and how we see it. 

Another thing that can be beneficial to your studies is the Flemish style of painting, created by Jan Van Eyck. This type of painting involved Baroque influences as well as Italian influences and focused on the use of oil paints. This style of painting became widely known between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries and became distinct compared to other styles that were popular in other parts of the world. 

Studying the Zorn color palette, created by Anders Zorn, can also be beneficial when delving into new creative processes. Zorn created a color palette for himself made up of only red, yellow, black, and white paint. Even though it may not seem like it, these 4 colors when mixed properly can make a wide variety of colors and hues. You can achieve warm and cool colors, with contrast and tone, that can be used to this day to create a unique piece of art. 

There are many different creative influences, from a long time ago to the present day, who can influence and guide you to a strong creative process. They broke free from the norms and created what the basis of art is to this day, and as a result, their work is unique and stands out in history. The guidelines of art are hidden within their works and studying them can only build up the skills you learn. 

Step Two: Experiment with Creating an Artistic Process 

creating artistic process

When you aren’t busy researching and studying artists to inspire you, spending time experimenting with these tools and skills is the next step to take when discovering the creative process you wish to add to your routine. Find ways to include these new skills you have gained into your own methods that you already use, and see if these ideas work together and are the right fit for you creatively. 

Begin to apply new methods and theories you learned into the skill sets you already have, and mix around these tools to understand what combination best benefits your creative process.

Experimenting can help you to expand your thinking artistically and add to the tools you already use when developing what works for you. Combine skills that you already have and things you are still learning to come up with the most reliable plan that you can remain confident in. 

You must have the tools, methods, and a strong foundation to build your creative process around in order to produce the most success within your future. It is most important to expand yourself creatively. 

Building Knowledge and Its Importance When Creating Your Artistic Process 

By continuing to gain knowledge and learn new things, you are adding value to your current skill set and continuing to build upon that. Educating yourself constantly is an important part of approaching your creative process and expanding it even more. 

What you are doing and learning is built on a foundation that involves mass amounts of knowledge that have been studied and perfected for years until it fell into your hands. The creative process is made of principles and methods that are tried and true to all artists. Every artist’s process will look different because we are all inspired and influenced in a variety of ways. 

You may feel like there is a time when you have soaked up enough knowledge and you no longer need to keep up with your studies, but doing this will only hinder your growth creatively. In order to evolve constantly, you must be learning! These two things go hand in hand. Take the time to sharpen your mind, for it is your greatest tool! 

The Long Journey Ahead After You Develop Your Creative Process

When you finally figure out the creative process that will best benefit you as an artist, your career, and the future that lies ahead, rewards will soon follow. This may be difficult at times as you try to grasp what process seems like the best fit for you, but the results you receive will make it worth it in the end. 

This is a long journey filled with self-discovery as you explore and educate yourself on new things, but the tools you will put to use and the skills you will gain will always be there for you as you grow creatively. While the path you are going down may seem long, this does not mean you cannot begin to reap the benefits of discovering the creative process you want to use. 

By utilizing new skills you will reap the rewards of your journey quickly. You do not always have to reach the ending of your path to receive the benefits that await you. You will find these rewards are waiting for you along the way, to encourage and motivate you as you head towards your future. 

Developing A Creative Art Process That Is Most Reliable To You 

develop a creative process

In order to find the artistic process that will become reliable and beneficial to your future, you must take the necessary steps and find your way to the journey that is awaiting you. 

Your creative process is vital to all that you do and create. It is part of what defines you as an artist, and dictates what you do and how you get it done. It is the focal point of your career, your skillset, and how you create!

By studying professional artists and their influences, you will find a unique set of tools that you can use and implement into your own style. Think of the phrase, “standing on the shoulders of giants” and look at things in a different way. Always look for that next “giant” that you can look up to, study, and learn from. They’re the “giants” of art for a reason, after all! And studying from them and learning their techniques can be more beneficial to you than you might realize. 

Continue to find the next giant in your life and see how they guide you. Learn how they did things and master those skills. Spend time experimenting with these new ways of thinking and create a process that benefits you and your passions, guiding you to a strong future.

Remember, constantly absorbing knowledge is key to evolving as an artist and developing the creative process that will be the most useful to you. Keep your tools sharp and keep a positive mindset as you figure out these new things. Optimism within your art and your career are key!

You will eventually become familiar with a creative process that inspires and motivates you daily. The skills you learn will become more and more valuable over time as you perfect your artistic process. 

Use your knowledge to guide you exactly where you need to be at this time and continue learning as you grow. The journey is never easy but it is always worth it! Especially when you are flourishing in what you love to do every step of the way. 

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