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How Do I Pursue What I Really Love With My Art?

How Do I Pursue What I Really Love With My Art?

How Do I Pursue What I Really Love With My Art?

I Have Many Artistic Skills but I Don’t Specialize In Just One

Are you interested in many different art mediums but don’t feel like you specialize in just one?

Do you have a passion for art but need to find where your true ambition lies?

This is a common theme amongst aspiring artists. There are so many mediums available to dabble within the world of art, it is hard to distinguish which one you should pursue. 

It is easy to become torn when deciding where your career lies. It can even become hard to focus on what you should be doing when you are busy dreaming of what more you can create and discover within your life and career.  

There is painting, drawing, watercolor, graphic design, sculpting, illustration, animation and the list goes on. This makes finding your specific niche difficult, and as you explore your options, it can get tricky when choosing what you want to stick with. 

In life, we can sometimes feel as if we are stuck on a treadmill. We are doing the same things, over and over, until it becomes a mindless routine. We go to a job, buy stuff, pay bills and repeat the process. It can all be so boring at times. It is almost like life’s test. This is why it is so important to put your soul into what you do. 

Finding a career that you are able to succeed at and are passionate about is very important, especially when you are pursuing art. It is vital that you are putting your creativity on display and showing off the passion behind what you do. 

Are You Spending Your Time Wisely in Chasing Your Artistic Dreams? 

Time is precious and it is important to use it wisely while you take on the journey of figuring out what skills you are good at and how you want them to play a role within your future. 

The time you spend delving into discovering your passions is extremely important to your growth as an artist. When you fill your time with trying new things, you are expanding your knowledge and understanding what you like and dislike within different art mediums. This is crucial to know where you eventually want to be. 

Right now you are going down one path, but you may feel like you need to find your way down a new route. You may feel like it is your time to try new things. This is completely normal and a common pattern throughout life. People change up their careers all the time. 

The transition must be made onto a new path where you can roam free and let your creativity flow. This is the difficult part of the process. 

It is important to find your passion and discover new things, you deserve to be pursuing something that will actually make you happy. You want to reflect your ambition through your art and the creativity that lies within you. 

Should You Know Things From All Art Mediums or Pursue Just One?

go after what I really love

It is a great thing to know many different mediums within the art world and it can have its benefits as well. The more you know, the more potential opportunities you will have in your future. 

There is always the chance that having different skills will come in handy at some point in your career. One way or another, you will find yourself using different skills that you have learned over time. 

For example, someone might have a job working on illustrations and they may soon realize they would rather take on a job in animation. Once they begin their new job in animation, they may incorporate tools they learned from illustration into their current job. Multiple skills can always find their way into what you do, in big or small ways. 

Take an online art class, practice a new skill weekly, or experiment with a new technique from time to time. The more educated you are and the more mediums you try to master, the more chances you will have at finding a way to work those tools into what you do. The more you know, the more well rounded you will become and the better your art will be!

Oftentimes there is a common pattern amongst people where they try a new thing and since they aren’t good at it immediately, they give it up. This is not good and is a process filled with negativity. It takes time and practice before you can get good at something new.

This mistake can often make people think they are no good at certain mediums, but in reality, they just haven’t pushed themselves enough to fully learn them. This is why it is important to practice any medium you are interested in until you get good and keep that experience under your belt while you build your future and career.  

Figure Out What YouLike Best About ARt and Go After It

In order to find out what medium best suits you, you must first discover what you are interested in getting good at. You can dabble with new things and attempt to get good at whatever sparks creativity within you. Maybe a certain artist inspires you? Or you have always wanted to try something new? Go for it! You have nothing to lose by giving it a try! 

If at first you are not good with the medium you chose, keep pushing yourself until you get better. This can help you decide if you like that medium and if it is something you want to stick with in your future. This is the time to try new things, develop new skills, and really enjoy what you are doing. 

If you have mastered something, then you can try something new and see if there are more mediums that intrigue you. Keep on attempting to create using new techniques and keep practicing until you feel confident in your skills. All of the new things you are learning can only benefit you as time goes on and you prepare for the future. 

When you are good at something, you tend to like it more. As a result, you develop a sense of ambition within your art and the creativity that stems from it. 

Your art will be beautiful if it is something you enjoy and have a passion for. Finding what you like is crucial for your advancement in art and doing what you love throughout your life. 

Find and Pursue Your Artistic Passion 

pursue what I truly love

It is often too easy to fall into the mundane routine of life. Passion is needed when you are no longer excited by what you are doing in your work; you don’t want to feel like you are just wasting your time. 

You may become bored and want to delve into new things, which is completely normal! It is important to expand your talents and skills. Practicing new things and discovering there is way more for you out there may spark the passion within you that you craved the entire time. 

Sometimes you have to put yourself first and do what you want to do. You should try new mediums and get good at them, practice until you master the skills you need. By doing this you will show others that there are many things you can do and many other places where your passion for art lies. After putting yourself first, others should recognize where your strong suits are within your art and respect the new path you desire to go down. 

After finding where your true ambition lies, you will be unstoppable in your ability to pursue what you love in your career and in life!

Pursuing Your Artistic Dreams and Ambitions 

To find out what you love and to pursue that accordingly, you must discover where your skills are strong and decipher what you have the most passion for. 

Art is beautiful and creating it is something that requires technique, skill, and most importantly a passion for the medium you are utilizing. 

Through some self-discovery and an attempt at trying new things, you can find out where you truly think you are meant to be within your career. If you spend your time wisely and provide yourself with resources to expand your horizons, that is a start. 

Then, you must figure out what you enjoy doing while simultaneously discovering where your true passion lies. Eventually, your ambition will shine through and you will find that the future will seem a lot brighter. You can create so many forms of art throughout your life and delve into new mediums whenever you feel like it, that is the beauty of creating art. 

There are new things to master and learn all the time. You can always find passion and drive in life. As an artist, you have the liberty to be free and happy with the career that you choose. You should pursue what you love and then you will never work a day in your life! 

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