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How Do I Get Over The Anxiety Of What A Client Thinks About My Artwork?

anxiety about artwork

How Do I Get Over The Anxiety Of What A Client Thinks About My Artwork?

How Do I Get Over The Anxiety Of What A Client Thinks About My Artwork?

Throughout your career as an artist, there may be times when you feel uncertain of your work and worry that what you have created isn’t good enough. You may encounter feelings of self-doubt or insecurity whenever it is time to present your final project, especially when you start comparing your own work to the work of your peers. The anxiety is real and so is the imposter syndrome, feeding you with constant negativity. 

It can be hard to stand strong and remain confident in your work, especially when every thought running through your head tells you your work isn’t good enough. This is something you must work through by trying to combat these thoughts to finally see past the self-doubt and negativity that has consumed you. 

Your confidence is key and will play a major role in how you analyze and critique your own art. It will alter how you see the result of your talents when your work is complete. 

It is important to remember that imposter syndrome is common. These feelings are normal and it is possible to move past them. If you do not feed them with your energy, they can eventually disappear. It might take time to get to that point, but it can be done. When you focus your thinking on positive things, the negative thoughts will have no choice but to hide. 

Know that you have the strength to overcome this! You have what it takes to continue building confidence in your talents and skills, and to help navigate the journey towards finding success within your career. 

Artwork Anxiety is All About Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is a pattern of feelings of inadequacy that continue to show up in your life, even if success is persistent. It is a strong feeling of self-doubt that overrides any feelings of success or confidence. Someone dealing with this may feel as if they are a fraud, as if there is no reason they deserve the success they have achieved, with the constant worry that one day they will “get caught”, so to speak. All of these thoughts are false, altering your conscious state as it feeds into the negative mindset, setting you up to feel consistent emotions of anxiety, distress, and concern. 

To uncover these thoughts, you must first recognize that they are untrue and begin interrupting them with a new stream of thinking. Fill your conscious with positive thoughts, being mindful of all you have accomplished and the goals you still want to reach. Think of all of your dreams and let this be an inspiration, igniting a new passion inside of you.  

These negative thoughts are not helping you, they just have a hold on you. They are a mere distraction to your artistic process. They are only there to pull you away, taking away the light in your eyes as you create. But don’t let the negativity in! It’s important that you steer yourself towards the direction of positive thinking and let this guide you throughout your journey. 

Combatting The Anxiety About Your Artwork

fear about artwork

To move past your anxieties and leave your worries behind, it is important that you remember to be logical. Think logically about the steps you took to create this piece, considering how much time you put in and the effort it took to complete the final product. 

Did you try your hardest? Did you put in the time? Are you answering these questions logically? 

These are the only things you truly have control over that will make a difference in the outcome. 

Using logic here is critical. You must know that you tried your best and feel good about the amount of time you spent working on this piece. Think about all of the effort that you put into what you create and how you showcase your talents and skills throughout all you do as an artist. 

Concentrate on the time and effort you put into what you do. Only you know how hard you tried. Remain confident in this positive way of thinking and immerse yourself in a new light. This will be what allows you to grow over time. 

Even if it feels like you are struggling, you cannot concern yourself with the worries of what others will think when they see your art. In a sense, this is not important. It does not add to the artistic process but instead takes away. It is depleting. 

Think logically, answer accordingly, and accept that you tried your hardest. This is a stepping stone to get past the anxiety, moving onto better things. 

Fear vs Logic Causing Artwork Anxiety

When working through your anxieties it is important to be logical, but sometimes your fears can disguise themselves as logic. It is important that you can identify the two and keep them separate. Try to think logically, not fearfully. 

Logic is reasoning conducted through an assessment of strict principles or rules for reference. 

Fear, in this sense, is a feeling of anxiety concerning the outcome of something, with mixed emotions of dread and reverence. 

Try your best to learn how to keep these two feelings disconnected because they are unrelated. Work through your worries and stress, cast the fear out, and let yourself be free. It is not worth it to keep these negative thoughts around. 

Remember to remain logical when analyzing your work. Stay true to yourself as an artist and stay confident, knowing you put your time and effort into creating your best work. 

Believe In Yourself to Overcome Anxiety About Your Art

You have no control of what others think, so there is no use worrying about that. In the meantime, put in the effort into the things that you CAN control, and put your talents to the test until you are happy with the final product of your work. Remember all the time you put in and the skills you used in order to create something beautiful.

Don’t Let Artwork Anxiety Stop You From Learning To Grow  

anxiety about art

When working as an artist, it is crucial that you learn early on how to combat these feelings of anxiety and stress. They will begin to take a toll on you and take away your creativity, but they must be stopped. It is natural to feel this way, imposter syndrome is very real and many people struggle with this daily. 

Remember, you are not alone and, in time, you can move past this form of negative thinking. Learn how to ignore the feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy. They are not who you are. They do not define your art. Educate yourself on imposter syndrome and find ways you can oppose these negative emotions to adopt a new way of thinking and implement more positivity into your stream of consciousness. 

Keeping a positive outlook is essential to keep you going through your artistic journey. You deserve to be happy with what you create. You deserve to be satisfied with the talents and skills you put into all of your work. After all, you worked hard to create your artwork and you should be proud of yourself! 

Ask yourself these questions if anxiety begins to creep into your mind. Use logic to ignore any negative thinking. 

Have you tried your best? Did you take your time? Did you put in your best effort on this piece? 

If you know you tried hard, took your time, and your best effort was put into this, then you should remain confident about the completed project. You know in your heart that you would only give your best work to your clients. They are valuable to you and the future you are building for yourself as you grow. 

Immerse yourself in your creativity. Take art classes, expand your studies, and continue to gain new skills. 

If you care about your art and you want to succeed, then you have to take control of your worries. You have to let go, be confident in the skills you have, and ignore every ounce of self-doubt within you. Replace the self-doubt and anxiety with something new, something positive, and see how you can flourish as an artist. Think of your growth and how you can bloom. Think of all the beautiful things you can create and the many talents you can put on display for others to see. 

If you have the skills, the talent, and a passion for art, then these negative thoughts can never hinder you. This is a simple roadblock on your journey. Be resilient and nothing will be able to stop you. Success and happiness are waiting for you on the other side of fear and anxiety. 

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