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How Do I Avoid Being a Lazy Artist?

How Do I Avoid Being a Lazy Artist?

How Do I Avoid Being a Lazy Artist?

Staying Motivated In Your Art 

Do you often find that you are lacking motivation or get easily distracted? Especially within your art? Like no matter how badly you want to practice new skills and become a better artist, you can’t find the time to actually do what you enjoy? 

This is a common theme that affects many aspiring artists. It is a pattern that haunts us as human beings each day. We love doing something so much, but when we feel we fall short or aren’t good enough, the motivation can often feel like it is no longer there. 

No matter how talented you are, there can always be a point in your life where you begin to feel burnt out. You may feel like practicing and pursuing your dreams just feels like a chore, and the time for it is not available to you anymore.

This may be a time where you can reevaluate your life, set goals, enact a routine and find where your passion lies once again. Think about the future you dream of silently at night.

How Does Feeling Lazy Impact Your Art? 

These feelings of a lack of motivation can have a negative impact on your life and create a routine that has no benefit to your future and overall well being. 

You may find yourself sitting around the house, with no plans or schedule to help you figure out your day. Maybe you sleep in too late or stay up all night playing video games instead of being productive with your time.

These things, while they may seem harmless at first, continued over time can severely impact the life you lead on a daily basis and bring on some bad habits. They can be negative influences that may begin to weigh down your ambition over time. You could get used to the lack of routine, and the lack of motivation will soon follow. 

Ask yourself; what are the things you tend to do to fill your time when you are being lazy?

Are you staying up all night? Sleeping all day? Mindlessly watching T.V.? Endlessly scrolling through social media? Is your head constantly filled with a conveyor belt of thoughts on rewind? 

We all get this way sometimes, that’s normal. But it is important that you fight back when these distractions try to take over your entire life. 

Think about these things and ponder how you truly spend your time. This lack of motivation is a mere distraction. It will pull you away from doing what you love and prevent you from completing your best work throughout your life. 

How To Combat Your Distractions From Your Art

To begin the process of combating these distractions and their negative impact, you must first identify the problem. What is holding you back? What has taken your motivation away? 

Once you discover the underlying issue that is rooted in your unmotivated ways, you can begin to implement different combative strategies and tackle it head on. 

The first step is to try your hardest to make these distractions unavailable to you. If your constant desire to play video games is too strong to ignore, then you may try hiding your controller. If that’s not enough to stop you from playing video games, try locking your controller in a far-away room and then hide the key. If the television is always calling your name, then you may put your remote in a place that is not as easily accessible to you. 

Even though these seem like simple solutions, putting these tactics into play will motivate you to choose another activity that is readily available to you instead, or at the very least, it will seem less appealing to you to do activities that you’ll have to work for. You may find yourself drawn to doing more of what you love and art will soon become your main focus again.   

It is all about balance.

Decipher what your problems are. Come up with a game plan so it is easier for you to ignore these distractions and focus on what you should be completing throughout your day to be productive. You will make continued progress and find a more positive impact from the passion you find within yourself again. 

Ways To Stay Motivated and Prevent Laziness

avoid laziness

Once you break free from the shackles of distraction, you will find a new sense of motivation that lies within you. A new part of yourself will be unleashed. You will finally be able to feel the passion burning inside of you once again. It is crucial to understand what motivates and inspires you each day so you may continue to feel this way. 

By discovering what ignites the passion in your eyes and drives the creativity to pour from your brain, you will feel a sense of positivity that overtakes any lazy feeling that comes your way.

One way to stay motivated is to create a schedule or a routine. Plan your day-to-day. Using a planner, calendar, or journal, you can create a list of things you need to do and when you will accomplish them. This can be time-sensitive or just a to-do list you desire to complete before the end of the day, but the structure that comes from this will benefit you endlessly. 

It is easy to feel as though what you are doing is not good enough for you to adhere to a schedule. You may think you are not worthy of accomplishing so much during the day. This is the negativity talking, just another tactic the laziness pulls out to lure you into your old ways!

You deserve to feel good and accomplish goals throughout your day! Let yourself be motivated by the drive you find within your mind. Follow the plans you created and allow time to be scheduled for your art and creativity to flow. If you don’t think you can fit it in, make it fit and set a time for yourself to strictly work on your skills and progress as an artist

Another way to stay motivated is to make sure your medium of choice is readily available to you whenever you feel a sudden spark of creativity. If drawing is the form of art you love, then keeping multiple sketchbooks scattered around your home can be beneficial, so you can easily access them at any time of day. This is a simple tool to try to find better ways to fill your time. 

An important factor in staying motivated is to figure out where your inspiration comes from. What drives you to create? What inspires you to make art each day? Where does this inspiration come from?

Take an art class, look to an artist for inspiration or find something to push you in everyday life.

Delve into the depths of your mind and allow yourself to understand where your true inspiration lies. Use that inspiration to continue to fuel the fire of passion burning within you. Seeing progress within your art will provide you with the motivation you need. 

The Big Picture 

To completely motivate yourself, you may look at the bigger picture that is your life. You may feel stuck in your ways of being lazy and like there is no way out, no way to get past these roadblocks you’ve discovered along the way. 

Think about where you are and what you are doing day-to-day. If you continue to follow this path where will you eventually end up? Think about where you would be in 10 years, are you happy with what that looks like? Once you visualize this future, separate yourself from this thought and label it ‘the lazy way.’

Now, think about where you can be if you choose to find motivation and pursue the things you love to do. Where can your creativity and art take you? Where do you dream of being? What goals would you love to reach? Take a step back and label this ‘the motivated way.’

What are the differences between what you see when you think about these two totally different scenarios? Which path will guide you to a bright future where you fulfill all of your dreams?

Why wouldn’t you pursue what you really love to do?

Taking The Path Less Travelled To Avoid Being Lazy With Your Art

not being lazy

If you continue down the path you are going, nothing is ever going to change. But if you decide to find a new path, where creativity runs free, think of everything you can accomplish in your life. You may have to push yourself but the final results will be worth all the effort you put in over time. 

You will find a new sense of motivation as you follow the new path you have set out for your life. Using the tools you have acquired through time you can combat any distraction that is keeping you from following your dreams. You deserve the chance to see your dreams become a reality as you set out on a path that highlights art as a vital part of your life. 

You can pursue any goals you set your mind to. Changing your mindset can alter your entire life. By staying inspired and motivated you will find that the passion within you will burn brighter in turn. 

This will allow you to create the art that the depths of your soul desires. You will pursue what you love and have dreamt of doing for so long. You will succeed and create beautiful things as you roam the path less traveled! 

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