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How an Idea Turned into a TV Show

How an artistic idea turned into a TV show.

How an Idea Turned into a TV Show

How an Idea Turned into a TV Show

As a creative, you’ve probably been in a situation where you have what you know is a winning idea for a TV show, but where do you go from there? How do you get your peers on board with your idea to bring it to life? The roadblocks seem to be endless on your quest to get your ideas on screen. You start to feel discouraged as the finish line seems further and further away from your starting point.

If you catch yourself in an overwhelmed state, take a step back, and think about the big picture. Turning an idea into a TV show is more like a marathon, rather than a sprint. You don’t need to automatically try to get to the finish line. 

Connecting with the right people and knowing the best avenues to travel down will be the key to your success. You will have to knock on doors and keep knocking even when no one answers. This is your project and you have to show others the potential it has to become the next big thing. 

Your dream isn’t going to happen overnight, but having the right tools can help you achieve your goal of television success. Turning your brilliant idea into reality doesn’t have to be a pipedream. Knowing the right tools, getting inspired to learn, and meeting people along the way, can help you achieve the victory you are striving for. 

The 6 Ways to Help you Turn Your Idea Into a TV Show

Getting your idea made into a TV show is a marathon not a sprint.

Create an Honest and Compelling Story About Your TV Show Idea

Writing a genuine story that feels realistic and believable can help you connect with your viewers. You could even have a fictional story, but if the relationship of the characters is relatable, your audience will be more likely to believe it as something real. 

You want to get to the core of your viewer’s emotions. Your viewer is going to want to relate to what they see on the screen. A viewer is just as likely to relate to the relationship of two animated characters if they truly can believe what they are watching. 

Audiences love to see themselves reflected in the characters on-screen. Whether it’s a married couple or a parent-child relationship, they want to visualize themselves as the actors they see on screen. Creating a genuine story will help them achieve that. 

Focus on Consistent Regular Efforts Instead of Spurts of Intensity

Don’t feel like you need to crank out your TV script in a week. If you over-do it right away, you are going to get burnt out and most likely not achieve what you are aiming for. Losing sleep is not necessarily the way to guarantee an Emmy win. 

You are going to begin to lose momentum if you have countless sleepless nights of staying up late trying to get work done. You are still getting the work done, even if it only happens at night and on the weekend. 

Rushing through your work can produce sloppy results. When you bring your idea to the executives, you want it to be clean and crisp. Remember, they’re pros and will take immediate notice if it looks like you rushed through it. 

Getting work done every moment of the day doesn’t necessarily equal success. Remember to pace yourself as you begin eyeing the finish line. The finish line will be there whether you race through your work or not, but your goal is to cross it, not just see it. 

Look for Influencers to Spread the Word About Your TV show idea

Searching on Google for influencers can go a long way. If you search google photos for pictures and projects that are similar to your own work, you can get an idea of the group of people to approach to help market your product. These are the people who are going to help get your name out there. 

You want to find the top influencers who will help get your project the most attraction. Top influencers can have a very positive effect on your concept. They tend to recommend projects that are authentic and can get you the publicity you are looking for. 

Reach out to the influencers you feel will best represent your project. Influencers are the ones who are going to help spread the word on who you are and what you have to deliver. An influencer’s followers trust their judgment and will watch your show because of them. 

If you have a niche, be sure to reach out to that grouping of people. If you are producing an animated film, search for influencers who have experience with that area. Those are the people who are going to help your product get closer to the finish line. 

Create a Proof of Concept for your tv show

You want to create something to prove the validity of your project. You need to have something in hand when you start approaching the higher-up executives. You want to show them how many people are interested in you. 

Creating an app through iTunes can help get your project idea out there. It’s a lot easier than you may think. If you can get an app published, you can then see how many people are interested in watching what you have created. 

Consider setting up a Kickstarter, where you can raise funds for your project. Raising money and getting eyeballs on your concept can help people get excited about what you are working on. Your contributors are going to want to see the final project. 

Kickstarter has helped people go from an idea on a piece of paper to their name on the big screen. You have to start somewhere and it is a great place to begin to get followers. Those followers will, slowly but surely, begin to bring you even more followers. 

A successful app and Kickstarter campaign could be all you need to get a producer to notice you. Once you are successful here, production companies will see there is, indeed, an audience for it. It shows them you are already bringing a following with you. 

If you are number one in your app category and you raise a substantial amount on Kickstarter, companies are going to want to know who you are. You are showing them your project is worth noticing. They are going to want to see and hear more from you. 

Connect with Great and Powerful Partners

This is going to be your trickiest task yet. You will need to connect with great and powerful partners. If you can get a high rating in the app store and have a high level of success in Kickstarter, you might start to gain interest from producers. 

Connecting with Amazon can be gold to an amateur creator. Viewers are very into binge-watching these days. Having a program on a platform that provides a full release of TV shows at once, can prove very successful. 

This will give them the opportunity to get hooked on your show all at once. If they can only watch one episode and then have to wait a week for another, they may lose the desire to tune in again. Getting them hooked from the start will increase your chances of growing your audience. 

Create a Team Culture of Sharing and Contributing 

Being part of a team can go a long way. You don’t necessarily have to show off your abilities to your clients. If you are able to snag a deal with a company like Amazon, you should show them how above and beyond you are willing to go. 

Don’t just do the basic work. Show them how hard you are willing to work for the prize at the end. These are the people who are the key to your success and you need to prove your worth to them. 

Having a positive attitude can help the overall culture of the people working on your show. You want people to feel good about the project and what they are delivering to their viewers. 

Ready for your TV debut

How to turn your idea into a TV show.

You now have the valuable steps on helping turn your idea into a TV show. Take time with each step. As you navigate from one to the next, you will be able to see the wheels start moving and know you are one step closer each time. 

Get online and start reaching out to those influencers who are going to help make a name for yourself. Social media is huge right now and these are the people who are going to bring you followers. Getting your name in the mouths of others is the key to success. 

Don’t be afraid of the challenge. You have confidence in your project and you are eager to share it with others. You have worked hard and have thoroughly thought through all your decisions and are ready for others to see what you’ve created. 

Dedication and hard work can go a long way in turning an idea into a TV show. While it may seem like an impossible dream, it could be closer than you think. Now, it’s time to take on Hollywood. 

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