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Creating Original Art, Not Imitating Art

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Creating Original Art, Not Imitating Art

Creating Original Art, Not Imitating Art

A lot of artists start out imitating the work of others to practice honing in their skills and improving their understanding of various aspects of art. However, when you imitate art for a long time, it can often be difficult to find the path towards creating your own original art and creating it successfully. 

Nowadays, original art is conceptualized, especially when compared to imitating art. It is about creating an idea in your head and bringing it to life on the canvas. It is about truly understanding what you are trying to create, applying the proper skills, and as a result, accomplishing the end goal you wish to reach. This is what will help you create original art, even if you feel like you are only good at imitating. 

Think about what you can take away from the practice of imitating and use this throughout your journey to create original art. Analyze and understand the skills that are needed to successfully complete a painting, using them to your advantage. By doing this, you will begin the first step towards creating your own original art and being successful at it. 

You need to be open to learning new things, focusing on the skills you have obtained from imitating and how you can incorporate them into your own art

You can be confident in the skills and abilities you have, proving that you can create original art and bring your ideas to life, using everything you picked up along the way. 

Imitating art can help you build the skills you need to succeed, you just have to recognize how they can help you and where to implement them into your creative routine. 

Don’t Just Focus On Imitating Art, Focus on Creating Art

If you are good at imitating art, it can often become a mindless task and you may follow the motions while not thinking too much about the skills or techniques you are actually putting to use each day. 

You cannot let yourself become solely focused on the imitating aspect, but instead, you should be looking towards the skills, tools, and techniques that can help you in the long run. 

Think about the skills that you put to use each day and consider the impact they have on everything you create. How will these skills be helpful to you in your future as an artist?

Think about the creative process and its importance to all artists. Consider the skills you need to acquire to adapt to a successful, effective, and unique creative process that you can utilize when beginning your own original art. This will give you something to fall back on. 

To understand what goes into the process, you must dig deeper into the techniques you use when imitating and try to pinpoint specific skills that you can take advantage of in your own art. Take a longer look at the imitations you have made and try to understand the concept of everything that is incorporated in the painting. 

What skills are being used? How can you apply this to your original art? Will this benefit you? 

Take time to learn, grow and gain new skills by analyzing the art that you have imitated previously. Think about the skills that were needed to create that piece and what you had to do in order to copy it. How can you apply this to your original artwork in the future? 

Utilize What You’re Good At Already 

cans of paint brushes to create art, not imitate it

As someone who imitates art, you should have an abundance of skills and techniques hidden in your toolbox, allowing you to be even more successful than you might think. You may not even realize it, but after you have copied art for so long, it is inevitable that you have learned a few skills or strategies you can use when creating. 

Consider things you may have already learned and been using while imitating, not even realizing the impact it would have on you when delving into creating your own artwork. 

Focus on what you are already good at, what you know how to do, and consider how you can build upon these different artistic strategies. Stay grounded in the goals you want to achieve, making efforts to consistently get better and strengthen the skills that you already have. 

At the same time, it can be beneficial to take note of the skills you may not have mastered yet, educating yourself and taking time to learn new artistic techniques. Begin to make improvements where necessary and use this to help you reach your end goal, gaining knowledge on these tools that will help you in your future as you create. 

Spend time analyzing the imitations you have made and understand the skills it takes to master the true artistry that is needed to create your own original art successfully. 

What have you learned through imitating art that you can now incorporate in your own creative process?

Learning Through The Artwork Imitations You’ve Created 

Use your imitations to better your own work and understand even more about the mastery behind it. This will guide you towards the path of conceptualizing things, helping you to make sense of creating and the creative process, as opposed to simply copying. 

There is a path you can follow towards making art and creating your own original work, but to begin, you must take a step back from copying and discover what skills are going to be valuable to you. Break down the process of painting and focus specifically on what you are seeing. 

What skills were applied to successfully create this painting? What can you apply to your own art that will help you succeed? Look at every detail, big or small, that plays a role in the creation of the piece. 

Think about why things are where they are in a painting, its significance, and the impact it has on the entire subject. Think about small details, color choices, and where things are placed. How does this tie into the finished product that you see? 

Consider the skills needed to complete an original piece, the importance of having a concept in mind, and the value of each mere detail. Think about your creative process and how you can better yourself, to begin creating original work that you will be proud to display. 

By understanding the process of how original art is made, considering the skills and techniques that it takes, you can begin to appreciate the importance of each tool and the role they each have played in the completion of the piece. 

This will help you prepare yourself to be successful in what you create, using the skills you gained from imitating to influence and enhance your own original art. 

Apply What You Have Learned And Begin To Create Art, Not Imitate It

a sign to remind artists to create instead of imitate

To begin making the shift from imitating art to creating your own, it is important to apply everything you have learned and use that to help you grow in your career as an artist. 

It is crucial that you understand the skills, techniques, and tools that go into creating art, as you start towards your journey of making your own. It is important that you can continuously learn and grow, gaining the knowledge needed to help you along as you create. 

You must find time to educate yourself, take an art class, and actively learn, understanding how to pursue your goals in the art world successfully. Apply everything that you have learned and use it to your advantage in your own work, proving that you are not just good at imitating but good at original art too. 

Imitating art is a great way to practice and can provide you with the necessary tools you need to guide your artistic career towards a variety of opportunities and open doors, it is just about deciding where you want this career to take you. 

When creating your original artwork, you should have all of the required tools and skills you need, instilled in your memory, as you create and develop new ideas. This will help you to better incorporate each skill into your piece, proving that you learned everything that you needed beforehand while you were imitating.

You will show others that through imitating art, you can understand and pick up on useful strategies, finding new ways to incorporate them into your art. You will be able to create something unique, by developing a concept for your original ideas. This concept is what will set you apart, making your art stand out as you tell a story or evoke an emotion. Use the skills you have learned through imitating art to advance you in your career, helping you continue to build success now and in the future

You have what it takes to create original art, you just have to recognize the path it takes to get there and the tools you have been equipped with in order to succeed. 

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