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Artist Tips: Goals and Our Compass

Artistic Goals and Compass

Artist Tips: Goals and Our Compass

Artist Tips: Goals and Our Compass

Choosing your goals in life is like having a compass on a voyage. You will often have to look to see which way is the best path to choose in life. You will need to know which way to turn and learn which direction to head towards in order to make the right decision. 

Your compass isn’t necessarily going to give you a straight shot to your final goal. There will be obstacles along the way, but it’s important to keep in mind the final destination. Where do you actually want to end up in life?

At some point in every person’s life, they are going to have a moment where they re-evaluate their goals in life. You are going to wonder if you are setting yourself up for success or, quite possibly, failure. At this point, it’s important to take a step back and decide what you want your path in life to look like. 

The Importance of Artistic Goals

Why do we need to have goals in life? What’s the issue with just letting fate take its course? Knowing the importance of having goals in life can help set you up for a successful future. 

A person with no goals in life is letting chance lead their lives. There is the possibility of chance leading you in the right direction and avoiding bad outcomes, however, you may wonder if it’s worth the risk. Allowing pure chance to choose your path for you can be quite scary.

Letting chance steer your life will likely make you feel powerless and like you have no control over your life. Once you feel out of control of your own life, it will be extremely difficult to get back on the path to success. It’s not a healthy way to live. 

Would you rather have the compass help lead your way to success, or would you rather navigate through uncharted waters? A goal doesn’t have to be some crazy idea. You want to have a goal that is attainable, after all. 

If you think about it, life can be brutal in a beautiful way. Setting goals helps you have hope for the future. If you are in a place where you feel nothing is achievable, having a small, easily achievable goal can help you get past that. And once you achieve that goal, it could give you the momentum you need to achieve your other goals as well. 

Life Can Be a Struggle, Which Will Make You Stronger

Do you have a goal that people say is too hard to achieve? Goals aren’t necessarily going to come easy to you. You might notice yourself going back to the drawing board often to come up with a clearer picture of the future. 

Struggles are a part of life but we can’t just struggle and then decide it’s time to give up. It can have a crippling effect on you. The struggles we experience can be good for us and help shape who we are as humans.

If you begin to feel overwhelmed with the struggle, it may be time to take a different approach. It doesn’t mean you are a failure. You are merely recognizing the struggle of obtaining your goal and understanding there may be a better method for success. 

A struggle can end up having a positive effect on you. When we struggle and get through the struggle, we are stronger because we went through it, and boy, does it feel good! If we have to go through another struggle, it will be easier because we’ve already been through it before and come out the other side on top.

Choosing the Right Job To Reach Your Artistic Goals

Going after an artistic goal of yours

Picture this: there is a fork in the road and one path takes you to the perfect job but doesn’t pay much money. The other path takes you to a job you don’t want to do but it can be done quickly with okay pay. Which path do you go for?

The answer to that depends on a few things. 

  • How much more money are we talking about? Is it significantly more so that when we are done with the project, it would set us on the path much closer to our ultimate goal?


  • Was it just decent money that we could survive without?

If it’s the second answer, where we could survive without taking the job that pays a little better but involves doing something we are not passionate about, then don’t take it. Taking those jobs, where you think you can do it really quick and it’s no big deal, is not moving towards your ultimate goal. 

You need to evaluate whether the pay difference really matters and if it sets you on the right path for your ultimate goal. If you are very passionate about a goal, you should make every decision that helps lead you in the direction of achieving it. 

When there is a fork in the road, having that defined mission helps make decisions so much easier to make. If we are always advancing forward in the right direction, not only would we get to our goals, but we would get to them much quicker than anticipated. 

Think about which way your compass moves and which way will get you closer to your ultimate goal? Having a mission in life is how we guide our own fate. Guiding our own fate helps prevent chance from taking over the journey. 

When you are setting your goal, you should consider if the amount of money you are going to make affects your decisions. Is that most important to you? You may be completely content with a low-paying job as long as it’s something you enjoy doing. What will make you happiest?

Lead Yourself to Your Artistic Goal

Try to picture where you will be in 5 or 10 years. You want to see where life is heading for you. It’s a big warning sign if you can’t visualize where you will be in that time frame and you should start thinking of a goal right now.  

You need to start making better decisions to advance towards your artistic goal. Making it the right, ultimate goal is very important as well. It can’t be all about art. It has to be more about how you want your whole life to be.

Instead of setting life goals, try setting a life direction. Where do you visualize the compass leading you?

You also need to think about whether you are willing to work late nights and weekends. While it might be okay in the beginning to put in all those long days, do you really want that to be long-term? Would you rather make your own schedule where you have the room to travel? Perhaps you are interested in working from home half the time or opting for online art classes so you can see your kids more and spend quality time with them and watch them grow.   

If you think of your ultimate goal and how you eventually want your life to be, you can find great projects to work on. You don’t have to spend every moment of your life at work. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to find something you truly enjoy doing. 

If we are not setting the right goals, we could be working our way to a life we don’t want. At this point, you need to stop and reconsider what it is that you want to achieve. 

How to Choose the Right Artistic Goal for You

Artist tips for reaching our goals

Deciding what your goal in life should be can be daunting. Writing down your goals can help be a visual for what you’d like to accomplish. People who have a clear picture of their goals are more likely to attain them. 

Don’t focus too much on the end result. Break your goal down into smaller parts if it makes it seem easier to attain. Start with the first step and move on from there. 

Think about your goal and don’t stop thinking about it. You need to ask yourself if each decision you make is getting you closer to your goal. Think about whether the decision is a side step or actually stepping away from your goal.

Your Future is Yours 

Setting where you want to go as an artist.

For every decision you make today, you should ask yourself if it’s a decision that is going to get you closer to your goals, or is it something taking you away from your goal. 

If you need to, take time away from any distractions that are getting in the way of reaching your goal. If you surround yourself with positivity, you are more likely to stay on track to success.

You need to remember you are the only one who can set your goals. Knowing what you’d like to achieve in five or ten years will help you pinpoint what your main goal is. 

The best part of your goal is that YOU get to decide your path. Enjoy every moment of planning your goal and get excited about what the future holds. Have your compass ready and get prepared to embark on the path to achieving your goals!

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