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Artist Tips For Dreamers

Artist Tips for Dreamers

Artist Tips For Dreamers

Artist Tips For Dreamers

Pursuing a dream takes both passion and perseverance. There are many ways to look at people in the world and how they differ and how they are alike, especially when it comes to following one’s dreams that they have for themselves and their life. When it comes to pursuing a dream, you can usually classify people into two different groups: the dreamers and the grounded ones. 

Grounded people are more logical and are much less likely to take risks. These people tend to be dependable and cautious. Grounded individuals tend to think of statistics about new businesses failing within the first year and believe the same will happen to their start-up company they have been dreaming about. 

Or, they hear about how many restaurants struggle with becoming successful when they are just starting out and they decide it is too risky to pursue their cooking passion. Those that are more grounded tend to focus on the fear instead of on the hope of what could be. 

Dreamers, on the other hand, don’t worry about statistics or focus on the fear of failure. All they can think about is the passion they feel and how to channel it into a dream they can pursue. The dreamers focus solely on the dream and develop strategies to achieve that dream. The calculated risks don’t matter to the dreamers. 

What matters most to a dreamer is their dream itself, and they will stop at nothing to achieve what they set out to do. This alone gives dreamers the motivation they need to succeed and meet their goals. The people that don’t succeed seem to let fear and practicality get in the way. And more importantly, they didn’t put their whole heart and soul into their dream. 

To a dreamer, it doesn’t matter what the chances are for success. The chances do not impact the fact that, no matter what, the dreamer will continue to pursue their dream.  Their passion won’t let them stop. 

This freedom and dedication are what helps them focus on meeting their goals. Of course, it is possible that some have tried their hardest to achieve their dream and it still didn’t work out. But the problem is that when they had setbacks or didn’t make it the first time around, they gave up. 

Those that make their dreams come true are the last to actually give up. They are the people that kept going even after failure after failure because their intensity and passion wouldn’t let them quit their dream. The dreamers accept that there will be setbacks, but also commit to never stopping their dream chasing. 

Belief in Your Artistic Dreams 

Artist tips for the dreamer

You’ve likely heard it before time and time again, and that is because it is true and matters so very much. When it comes to pursuing your dreams, you have to believe in yourself. So many times during the years it will take you to follow your dream, you will experience self-doubt. 

But that is where the belief comes in.  If you believe you are capable of achieving the goals and dreams you are chasing after, that belief will translate into determination and perseverance even when things feel impossible. Trust yourself and truly believe you are capable of doing what you set out to do. Then, you can focus on doing the work and staying positive for the long haul.   

Staying positive allows you to continue to hope and trust that eventually, all of your hard work, blood, sweat, and tears will turn into success in the end. Sometimes along your journey all you will have is hope and passion, and those have to be enough to get you through to the next point of success. 

Daring to dream allows you to achieve even the loftiest of goals. But the most important part is that belief has to happen before the dream can come true. The belief in yourself and in your dreams allows you to trust that whatever you are dreaming of accomplishing is possible. Believing in yourself means you are committing to never giving up because you know what you are truly capable of accomplishing and won’t give up until you meet your goal. 

Strategize On How You Will Realize Your Artistic Dream

One thing people sometimes forget about when they are chasing their dreams is the importance of strategizing. Dreams require plans and actions. Many dreamers make the mistake early on of focusing only on the dream and not on the plan. But the plan is what allows you to make the necessary steps towards fulfilling your dream. 

Planning a dream is hard sometimes for those that run more on passion than practicality. But when you put the plan in place first, you are giving space for the passion and ideas to flow instead of wondering what the next step might be. Talk to others for inspiration and ideas and strategies that worked for them to achieve their dreams. 

Take an online art class, join a community group, or bounce ideas off other artists to network and gain great skills. And then be specific when making your plan to make your own dreams come true. 

You have to start with a final destination in mind. Then, know that there will be different stops along the way to reach that final goal, your original dream, the one you can’t stop thinking about. Intensity can be a game-changer when you apply it to a plan. When you take your passion and put it towards a plan and goal, that’s where the magic happens and your dreams can truly succeed.

Paint the Picture – Get Your Dream Job or Project

Artistic tips for dreamers

Too often, people sell themselves short by saying they only want a foot in the door or any opportunity that is even closely related to their dream. But true dreamers paint the picture of their dream job. Dreamers don’t settle. 

Dreamers envision themselves immersed in their dream. They are specific in their goals and chase after them relentlessly until they get just what they were looking for. When you create a visual image for your dream and can visualize it happening, it allows you to believe it will happen. Dreamers that daydream will then take that imagery and turn it into a reality. 

Imagine a scenario like this: picture yourself in a movie theatre that is jam-packed. It is a blockbuster movie that is massively successful. Those watching enjoyed it tremendously. At the end of the movie you are still sitting in the theatre and you don’t get up. Why? 

Because your name is on the credits. Your name up on the big screen, something you worked so very, very hard to accomplish. The dream you fought for relentlessly, the nights you stayed up late working and worrying, it has finally all come together when you finally see your name up on the big screen. 

As you sit in that moment of awe, you begin to notice that those around you aren’t getting up either. It is because they are there for you. It is a crowd of your greatest supporters from your family to your friends and even teachers you have had along the way. They are all there for you, cheering you on. 

Some have watched you struggle yet keep going from the very beginning of your dream chasing. As they watch your name scroll across the screen, they explode with applause and cheers. The energy in the theatre is full of positive and well wishes as they know how long and how hard you worked to make this dream come true. 

This is what it means to truly picture yourself achieving your specific dream. Imagine it. Truly picture what it would look like to accomplish your exact dream. Don’t sell yourself short. Be bold with your dreams.  Be specific and plan it out. And believe it will happen for you and it will. 

Fuel for the Fire 

Art tips for dreamers

Dreams derive from true passion. When you use that passion and intensity and put it towards the work it will take to achieve your dreams, you are fueling the fire for success. Those dreamers that don’t give up are the people that focus on the dream coming true and never lose sight of that image. 

As you imagine yourself in a specific setting whether it is a movie theatre, book reading, awards show, or art gallery, imagine the feeling you will feel as you accept the praise and congratulations for succeeding. Use that feeling of potential success to fuel the fire to work even harder than you have before. 

Once you do succeed, and you will because you will keep believing in yourself, remember how hard you had to work to get to that point. Then remember those that helped you along the way and cheered you on with encouragement and hope. Take that same encouragement and pass on the advice and support to the next dreamer. 

You get from the world what you put into it. So toss your dreams into the world and watch them come true because of your hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Then pass that knowledge and passion on to the next person to help them conquer their dreams just like you did. 

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