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Are You Good Enough To Apply For An Art Job?

Are You Good Enough To Apply For An Art Job?

Are You Good Enough To Apply For An Art Job?

As you go on your artistic journey and begin the process of building a future centered around your art, it’s easy to fall into the habit of questioning your abilities and start to wonder, am I really good enough to apply for a job? Am I ready? 

It can be hard to distinguish when you are ready and understand what makes you good enough to pursue a career and be successful in what you do. The art world is so versatile, there is success everywhere and it is typically any artist’s goal to pursue a career doing what they love. Creativity is a beautiful thing, but it can sometimes be difficult to understand when you have reached the correct level of readiness in your skill, or know when it is best to begin the journey of finding and pursuing a career. 

It is important to continue to practice, take steps to make progress in doing what you love, and don’t give up until you feel confident in your skills, your art, and the future you can create for yourself. 

In Some Cases, Take A Chance and Apply for an Art Job

It’s a tough question to ask yourself: am I ready? Am I good enough to make it in this industry? Do I have what it takes to be a successful artist with my current abilities? Unfortunately, it is often even harder to answer questions like these. It’s a tricky thing to know if you have built up enough skills and strategies to take on a future in your career field, and generally, no one really gets to a point where they think they are completely “ready” to push themselves to reach their goals. 

There can be a lot of self-doubt present and concerns regarding your talents, but sometimes you just have to take a chance. Jump in, head first, and hope for the best in all you put in the effort to accomplish. Say “screw it” and take a risk, try it anyways. Think to yourself, what is the worst that could happen? But more importantly, think to yourself, what is the BEST thing that could happen? The truth is, you won’t know until you give it a shot, and you have nothing to lose by doing so. The ability and willingness to try is significantly important. 

Push Yourself to Apply for Art Jobs

With time, this feeling of not being “ready” or “good enough” will pass, you just have to be patient and trust the course that takes you there. 

In certain aspects, it doesn’t necessarily matter if you are ready or not, you just need to know that it is the logical move to at least try. Sometimes you have to push yourself and really see where your talents can potentially take you. Be up for any outcome, but understand that you deserve to try, to showcase your skills and build the future you wish to create for yourself in your career. 

It doesn’t always matter how you feel because most likely how you feel about your talents usually will not match up with other’s opinions. These negative thoughts are not a reflection of who you are or the number of skills you have, just mere self-doubt trying to hinder your success

Think about it when you hear someone say, “I’m not beautiful.” Sure, perhaps they’re just being modest, but it’s actually more likely that they simply can’t see themselves as beautiful because they are their own biggest critic, or they try to ignore the true beauty that lies within them. But others do not see this. From an outside perspective, they only see a beautiful person, and they wonder how anyone could think they aren’t beautiful to begin with. 

This can be a similar concept with art, your opinion of your artwork probably differs completely from others’ opinions. You may think your art is terrible and start to pick apart every aspect of your drawing or painting, but those viewing your art may see a masterpiece because they are able to take the personal bias out of it and see your work in a better light than you see it yourself. 

Ask someone you know, someone you trust who knows the business, and see what they think. Consider their opinion and make it a helpful tool to take the next steps regarding what you need to do. 

Take On New Opportunities to Grow Your Art Career

applying for art jobs

When beginning your journey, taking on as many new opportunities as you can manage. It is important to discover where you are and where you want to be in your career path. You may be taking on new jobs, figuring out what niche seems to best fit what you do and where you might end up over time. This is all helpful to figuring out your skills, understanding where your talents lie, and seeing how good you can actually be. 

However, even while you are trying new things and taking on new opportunities, you still might continue to question your skills and wonder where exactly you are supposed to be in all of this. This is common, but something you need to find secure and honest answers to. If you do not feel like you are actively making your way on your journey, or if you feel like you are not pursuing what you truly want to or just feeling like you cannot succeed, it is important you seek answers to the undermining questions in your mind. 

Are you ready? Are you good enough? 

Seek Professional Opinions on Applying for Art Jobs

When these questions continue to arise, try asking professionals or artists you trust, “Do you think I am ready?” “Do you think I have what it takes?” “Is my artwork any good?”

Be prepared for an honest opinion and understand there are multiple outcomes to the response you will receive. It may be what you want to hear, but sometimes it may be the exact opposite. Make sure you can respect, trust, and appreciate this professional’s raw and honest opinion because, after all, no improvement ever came from sugar-coating opinions of people’s work. 

Give them your permission to speak their mind and say how they feel even if it means they say they do not think you are ready. Let them know you can be understanding of all they have to say. Appreciate the constructive criticism that may come your way and be respectful of any response that you receive. The most important part is to not take the criticism personally and use it to your advantage to get better and improve your work. 

Try to remember that they are only there to help you because they wish to see you succeed one day. 

Find New Ways To Improve Through The Art Job Seeking Process

When speaking to a trusted professional, take the time to understand their opinion and where they come from. Ask questions where necessary and truly understand their point of view and why they may feel a certain way about your readiness and ability to be good enough in what you do. 

Once you receive this feedback, use it to advance in your art and continue to get better, practicing and perfecting your skills day by day. Don’t let this criticism affect you negatively but use it as a sort of motivation, to continue to pursue what you want for a career in your future. Utilize their opinion to best shape how you remain focused on your art, build new skills, and reach the point where you finally should be. 

It may take time but practicing will only help you to excel in your career and find the path you should be going down. Take some art classes, seek new skills and implement everything you learn into the art you create. 

Once you know you have improved and altered your talents to a point where you’ve gotten where you need to be, be confident in your skills and see where they can take you. Be confident in your art and get ready for the journey ahead, and you will finally get to pursue what you have always dreamed of doing. 

Be Confident In All You Can Accomplish When Applying For Art Jobs

applying for artist jobs

To get out of the constant state of wondering if you are good enough or worthy, it is important to see where you stand and understand the skills you must develop to improve. Seek the opinion of trusted professionals and look to them for guidance when finding the right path for the career you desire to pursue. 

Be ready for any opinion that may come your way by understanding that the criticism is not personal, and knowing it is honest and only meant to help you better yourself and expand your abilities. 

Use this constructive criticism to your advantage and allow it to be motivation to get better at everything you do. Let this be what helps you to improve and master the talents you wish to eventually pursue. Continue to practice, try new things and find what strategies work best for you as an artist. 

Allow these feelings of self-doubt to go away and remain confident in all the things you can accomplish in the future. Find the path you should be going down and understand that you will finally get where you have always wanted to be. Even if it takes some time to get there, rest assured that with persistence, you CAN get to your end goal and pursue the career you have been holding onto. 

You have always had it in you, and the fact that you’re reading this to try and overcome your doubts is proof of that. You clearly have the passion and drive to make a career in art, and it’s important not to lose that along your journey. You have always had the talent and the ability to succeed within yourself, but sometimes it just takes some feedback from a trusted source to push you to perfect your art and make a career out of your talents. 

You deserve to find the path that you should go down, to be guided exactly where you need to be. Use this feedback to shape you and make you a better artist in the future. 

Follow the journey to where you are meant to be, find your talents shining through, and pursue the career you have been dreaming of your entire life. Find peace of mind knowing you have finally made it to your destination, even if it took some time to find the way. Know that you are talented and deserve to be pursuing the career of your dreams

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