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5 Ways to Stay Motivated as an Artist

Ways to stay motivated as an artist.

5 Ways to Stay Motivated as an Artist

5 Ways to Stay Motivated as an Artist

It’s so critical to start your day off right. Having something that motivates you first thing in the morning can be really helpful to get your creativity flowing throughout the day. We know that can sometimes be a big challenge. It’s okay. We all need a little nudge sometimes. 

Today in our morning motivation discussion, we’re going to give you five ways to stay motivated that we’ve found are super helpful. These are some tried and true things we have done to be able to move past doubt and lack of drive to become successful and fulfilled artists. We hope they guide you to your best creative life too!

1. Set Things Up for Tomorrow So You Have a Plan For Doing Your Art

It is always much easier to start something when you already have things set up and ready to go for when you hit the ground running the next day. So for example, tonight when you are done with work or practicing techniques, set up your desk and space for tomorrow morning. Do everything you can to prep for the next day. Trust us, this is a crazy big help.

If you’re a painter, you can select the color paints you want to use for the upcoming day’s project. Set out the appropriate brushes and have the canvas ready to go. If you are taking an online art class, have your virtual classroom set up. Planning a morning of sketching? Layout your materials to hit the ground running.

That way the next morning all you have to do is walk in and get to it. This will give starting the day a fresh feeling, rather than focusing on the tedious task of setting up. 

Another thing that really helps is starting something tonight that you can continue tomorrow. Being able to pick up where you left off can be immensely helpful, rather than staring at a blank page or canvas, endlessly, looking for inspiration the next morning. 

When you have no runway or ideas to start with, it is just that much harder to get going and be motivated to create. “Writer’s block” is no joke and it can happen to all creative types.   

2. Punch Laziness in the Face So You Can Stay Motivated on Your Art Goals

Ways to stay motivated as an artist.

“I don’t want to draw right now. Leave me alone, I just want to go to sleep.” This is unfortunately too often our inner monolog. Sometimes you just have to smack it down and punch that lazy voice right in the kisser!

A lot of times our brains will tell us all sorts of things and ask all kinds of things of us that don’t truly help us in the long run. The brain can be an awesome servant, but a terrible master. 

It is constantly questioning if we are good enough, or if we’re even capable of doing the things we want to do. Those things just aren’t helpful in any way. 

Or even worse, our brains can deter us and suggest that it’s more important to go binge-watch our favorite TV show for the fourth time instead of practicing painting or working on something that is worthwhile and productive. But be warned, your brain isn’t always right!

So our advice for when you hear that lazy voice in the back of your head saying “I don’t want to do this right now” or anything that is directly counterintuitive to accomplishing your goals; smack it down! Tell it “Hey! You shut up! I need to do this thing! You are my servant and I am your master, so shut up and do what I’m telling you to do! It’s better for both of us if I am in control.”

A lot of times the key component of getting your butt in gear after laziness rears its ugly head, commit to just doing two minutes of work. Whatever it is that you want to do, be decisive, pick one thing, and just start doing it, no matter what it is. 

Often you’ll find that once you get started, that will give you enough momentum to keep going, possibly even for hours sometimes. And if not, that’s alright too. Just pick up where you can and get something down. 

3. Time is Ticking, Start Making Art

To put things into perspective, time is ticking. Seriously, how much time do you actually have to achieve all of your goals as an artist? Let’s say you are in your early twenties, just getting started. Perhaps you are going to work until you are sixty-five or seventy years old. 

That could be fifty whole years. And let’s say that your dream is to work in films. Let’s think about this logically. 

How long does it take to make each film? It could be two years or even five years for an animated film. So let’s say that you have this career that spans fifty years. That is maybe around twenty movies, taking into account time in between and such. 

In this scenario, if you start right now that means that you’re only going to be able to do twenty or so movies over the course of your career. That’s really not that many, nor does that allot much time for you to get to making your first film. 

Think about how many books you are going to write in a year. How many video games are you striving to create over the next twelve months? What is your goal for the number of gallery shows you are going to do this year? Putting these things into perspective this way makes each of those projects, each book, each movie, each gallery show that much more important. 

We can’t just phone it in, because time is ticking away. If you’re in your thirties, it cuts that time even shorter. Now, this isn’t something to make you panic. It’s simply to put things in perspective and remind you that all that other stuff that isn’t leading you to a good life, can wait. You can do that stuff later. We promise.  

Let’s focus on doing the stuff that’s going to give your life endless potential, and do those things right now. 

4. Don’t Wait to Feel Ready, It Won’t Happen

If you’re ready before you start, it’s already too late. A lot of people say “Oh yeah, I’m going to take that class when I’m a little better” or “I’m going to start posting things online when I get better.” 

Guess what? Most of us don’t feel like we’re ever there until perhaps decades later, or even at all. The majority of us have imposter syndrome, feeling like we are woefully underqualified and will be found out any day now. 

Thinking that we have no skills, that we don’t belong here, that we shouldn’t be making this movie or book, and that we shouldn’t be given any of these wonderful responsibilities. Don’t worry, we all feel like this. And our advice? Get over it! Start now! You’ll only get better if you dive right in. 

5. Visualize Accomplishing Your Artistic Goal to Stay Motivated 

Stay motivated with your art.

Too many times we have these goals, but we don’t actually concentrate on them. We concentrate on the negative things, we concentrate on how difficult it is and everything else, besides the actual goal. Worst of all, we focus on those terrible thoughts like “Can I even do this? Is this even possible?”

In those moments, the best thing to do is to focus on the end goal. That is like the fuel for your car that’s going to get you to where you need to go. Use that fuel to motivate you! Visualize working on that children’s book you’ve always wanted to illustrate, focus on your ideas for the movie you’re going to make one day. 

Think about the end result first. Picture it as clear as you can. Sitting in a theater watching your ideas come to life, along with a packed audience who is loving it! Imagine experiencing that moment and knowing that you contributed to this movie. That is a truly awe-inspiring moment. 

Or if your goal is to own a gallery, picture it in your mind. A fantastic space, filled with your hard work, a line outside full of people waiting to get in to see what you have created. Everyone there to admire your work and congratulate you on an amazing accomplishment. Even picture the people who didn’t believe in you there, looking on with nothing but pride and wonder. 

It doesn’t matter what your ultimate goal is. Even if some people told you that your dreams were crazy and to just give up. You refused to listen. Imagine yourself carrying on through those struggles. Let that visualization of living your best creative life be the fuel that gets you to where you want to be. 

Start the Day Off Right

Staying motivated can be hard as an artist but you got this.

If you do all these things to boost motivation starting at the top of your day, we are confident that you are going to be doing great. Don’t let a little lack of motivation discourage you. We’ve all been there. These are the tips that have helped us get past it, and accelerate our careers. You can do it too!   

We hope you feel motivated and have gained the drive to get out there and kick some serious butt! We believe in you, even if you don’t believe in yourself. 

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