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2 Ways to Be More Productive With Your Art

Ways to Be More Productive With Your Art

2 Ways to Be More Productive With Your Art

2 Ways to Be More Productive With Your Art

A lot of times the biggest struggle to finding success as an artist isn’t having the potential to be a great artist. It’s likely that your time in art school and hard work can pay off. So you may be wondering why you seem to be running into issues. It may be time to take a hard look at your habits and determine if you’re perhaps suffering from procrastination. 

From time to time everyone has faced procrastination, so if this is something you’re dealing with, you’re not alone. Procrastination can take many forms, whether you wind up stalling to begin or find yourself distracted mid-task, it can be frustrating to see how much time has been wasted as your projects and artwork are left unfinished. 

If you’re looking for a way to change your habits and generally become more productive, there are two great ideas that can help you achieve that goal. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the panic of procrastination and deadlines, every artist can benefit from putting these ideas into practice in their own lives. 

Make Good Things More Accessible To Become More Productive

Sometimes you may feel as if you are going through the motions. Especially if you are feeling uninspired by your work from time to time. This is when procrastination can become a hindrance to your career as an artist, great art takes time to create, if you’re unwilling to focus the time needed on your art, it isn’t going to be easy to produce high-quality results. 

Great art takes time and hard work. That’s why even professional artists draw every day in their sketchbooks and take classes to learn more techniques. The more skills you possess the greater the likelihood of finding success will be. It’s just so easy to find something else you’d rather be working on if you are in a creative slump. 

Don’t let yourself drift into procrastination and set yourself up for success right from the beginning of the day. Subconsciously, procrastination stems from feeling overwhelmed by the specific task at hand. So you will need to do whatever you can to help avoid that negative feeling and that means you need to make the good things more accessible. 

By setting out the things that you want to work on and be focused on and making them extremely convenient, it may make it easier for you to get started. As you probably already know, sometimes getting started is the hardest step to accomplishing tasks. Stopping procrastination before you have the chance to get too distracted can be key! 

Taking a quick moment to get your work area prepared the night before can help you get to work easier in the morning and avoid any initial reasons to procrastinate. It’s only too easy to use “I don’t know where my sketchbook is” as an excuse to avoid getting started for the day. If your studio is ready for you to dive right in, you’re far more likely to actually do so. 

If one of your reasons for procrastinating is you find yourself struggling for inspiration, you’re not alone. Many artists find it challenging to start a new project, but there are ways you can help yourself stay on track with projects as well, simply by doing a little prep work and setting yourself up for creative success. 

Keep a sketchbook near your workspace or in your studio full of roughed out ideas that you’ve never seen to completion. As you’re looking for something new to create, you can reference back to some of your earlier ideas for inspiration. Another similar idea is to have an inspiration file folder full of good prompts and inspirational images to help kick start your creativity. 

Better than simply having a file folder, go ahead and print them out. Hang them on the wall so that you can be inspired throughout your day and reference them as needed for a burst of innovation to your work. Keeping inspiration nearby and readily visible can make creating art easier and generally help you to stop procrastinating and accomplish your goals. 

Take An Art Class To Become More productive

Ways to be more productive with your art.

If setting yourself up for artistic success doesn’t seem to be working as well any longer or you seem to be floundering and unable to draw or paint anything that is new or exciting to you, it might be time to try out something brand new. One great way to find new insight for your vision is to take a class. There’s always something more you can learn! 

Lifelong learning is something that many great artists have committed themselves to, there will always be a new technique or style that you haven’t perfected so taking a class can help your skills flourish. While you’re learning something new, even if you ultimately decide that this new style isn’t working for you, you will still reap the benefits of taking a great class. 

The obvious benefit of a class is that you can learn from a fellow professional. Whether you opt for an in-person class or you check out some of the many great online options for your new art class, having an art teacher to guide you and give you feedback about your art is understandably, one of the best parts of a class. 

Art classes also follow a specific curriculum, you won’t be used to depending on your own creativity to come up with an idea because you’ll be completing the assignments and following the specific parameters that have been assigned to you. As you learn and gain more skills that can benefit your artistic sensibilities going forward, you’ll also be relieved of creative pressure. 

The more you learn, the more you will strengthen your skills, and the faster you can get to the next level as an artist. Sure, artistic talent is one part of finding success, but hard work is the other piece of the puzzle and an art class can help you get back to the hard work of trying and learning new things.  

A great class will leave you inspired and motivated to take your new skills and insights and allow you to incorporate them into your work. You may be surprised that your work takes a whole new spin and becomes greater than ever before: all from one simple art class. The best news is that you can take an online art class at any time. Even if you are feeling super motivated and creative!

Online class options are readily available with many options so you can always get a refresher on a skill or dig into something brand new to help keep your skills sharp and your creativity sparked. Consider art classes as an investment into yourself and your career! Stop procrastinating and sign up for a class. What are you waiting for?

Make Your Distractions Less Available To Be More Productive When Working on your Art

If you’re going to stave off procrastination by making the good stuff more accessible, you will also need to pull yourself away from the distractions. Take a long hard look at what distractions are the most likely to pull you away from your work? Are you constantly scrolling social media or are video games more your style of distraction? 

It’s likely not realistic to throw away or get rid of all of your distractions. Video gaming systems are expensive and social media has benefits to artists so that you can showcase your work and find patrons and those who appreciate your art. But if these things are getting in the way of you accomplishing your work, you need to figure out how to best keep them in check while you are working. 

It may be impractical to put your phone in a box, inside another box, and hide it somewhere far away from your studio in order to focus on work. But keeping your gaming system controls in a box could work for you. Taking the time to work takes a lot of willpower so you need to exercise your ability to avoid distractions. 

Simply put: find a way to make it difficult to become distracted in a way that works for you. It may take logging out of your accounts and turning off wifi while you’re working. You are more inclined to focus on your art and accomplishing your tasks for the day. Hiding your distractions in a creative and complicated way and using your own willpower to stay on track. 

When your temptations are made difficult and less available and your work is right there and all set up and ready to go, it is far more likely that you will turn to your art. It’s pretty much a given that you became an artist because you love art right? At some point, the pull to create will be so overwhelming you can’t help yourself to stop scrolling and draw. 

Video games and cell phones aren’t the only distractions, maybe you love to read or watch television, in which case you need to find solutions to avoid those sources of entertainment until you’re ready for a break. Getting distracted away from your work can happen to anyone, and finding a way that works for you to avoid distractions may take time. 

Try working in a short burst of time with scheduled breaks. This way, you can focus on creating but know that you’ll have a chance to play that next level at a specific time. It may help you remain focused and you might find yourself on such a roll that you don’t even want your reward break when it’s time. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part of creating after all. 

To Sum Up

Be more productive as an artist.

Many people, especially artists, have struggled with procrastination at some point so don’t stress out if you find yourself in that position. If you are looking for a way to best combat distractions, make the things that you want to do, like your art the primary focus of your space in order to make it easier to pick up a pencil and start creating. 

Set up your studio in a way that minimizes distractions. Take classes to boost your skills and keep your inspiration levels top-notch. Keep working through the creative slumps with strong willpower. Everyone can learn to be more productive! It may be difficult at first, but it will keep getting easier the more you try to avoid your top distractions. 

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