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Designed by Justin Goby Fields

Schoolism Instructor and Concept Artist for Iron Man 3, Maleficent, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, The Wolverine, Halo 5 and League of Legends

Designed by Andrew Hou

Schoolism Instructor and Concept Artist for Blizzard, Marvel, Wildstorm, Capcom, Dungeons and Dragons, Street Fighter

Designed by Stephen Silver

Schoolism Instructor, Cartoonist and ?haracter Designer for Danny Phantom, Kim Possible, Scooby-Doo, Norm of the North


Author: Djamila Knopf, from “Story-Driven Illustrations” Course

Why online art school?

Our Courses

by Craig Mullins

9 lessons

by Justin Goby Fields

9 lessons

Get to Know
Your Artistic Heroes!

Schoolism interviews your artistic heroes, finding out where and how they came to learn their artistic techniques, and how they got to where they are in the entertainment, art, and illustration industries. Past guests have included Iain McCaig, Brenda Chapman, Loish, Craig Mullins, Helen Mingjue Chen, Dice Tsutsumi, Claire Wendling, J. Scott Campbell, Nathan Fowkes, and many, many more!

Our Instructors

Craig Mullins

Concept Designer for Dreamworks, Marvel, Halo and more

Nathan Fowkes

Artist for over 11 feature films including Prince of Egypt, Shrek, and more

Terryl Whitlatch

Character Artist for Lucasfilm, Pixar, and Disney. Worked on Star Wars, Brave, Call of the Wild, and more

Djamila Knopf

Independant Ilustrator for gaming and publishing

Dice Tsutsumi

Art Director at Pixar, worked on films like Ice Age, Robots, Toy Story 3, Monsters University and more

victoria Ying

Former Character Designer at Disney, worked on films like Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph, Frozen, Big Hero 6, and Moana and more

Art Workshops For
Your Company

Author: Dice Tsutsumi and Robert Kondo, from «Painting with Light and Color» Course

Treat your creative staff to a private art workshop at your studio! Your team will enjoy a more intimate learning experience with our art instructors, where lectures will range from learning to draw, how to paint digitally and in traditional media, character design, and much more. 

This unique experience has been enjoyed by employees from the likes of King, Wooga, Ubisoft, and others.

Visual Development artist, Mike Yamada, teaching a live Art Workshop

Stay up to date on news and upcoming workshop schedules.

What students say about us

Take a look at what students say about us and what successes have been achieved after taking our courses. You can be one of them too if you’re ready to begin your training!

To give an assessment of our work, we give our students the opportunity to do this. 

Look what they says about us and what successes have been achieved after our courses. You can be one of them if you already begin your training!

"Even after working closely with Dice and Robert for years at Pixar, I found the Light and Color class with them to be so useful to my own art and approach to working in production. The classes clearly laid out steps and lessons to bring the best part of learning on the job at Pixar to everyone who can afford $29.95 a month. It's also great to listen to the lessons again whenever I need a refresher."
Shelly Wan
Entertainment Artist/Fine Artist (Wish Dragon, Inside Out, Finding Dory, Monsters University, Coco)
"Every time I've taken a Schoolism course, I've made a huge leap in my growth as an artist, which has opened up many opportunities for my career in the animation industry. I've gotten to learn precisely how my heroes accomplished what seemed like magic to me, which gave me the encouragement and confidence that maybe one day I could make magic too."
Bobby Pontillas
Disney, Academy Award Nominee
"Schoolism has been one of the best resources in my career. I have my dream job today thanks to the instructors and lessons they have taught me."
Cole Eastburn
Blizzard Entertainment, Senior Visual Development Artist 
"For too long in my art career I worked very hard with little improvement. This was extremely frustrating. Taking Schoolism courses (...) has helped me solve that problem. Learning directly from master artists has made me more successful and happier."
Jesse Schmidt
Animation Art Director at Stellar Creative Lab

Exclusive interviews with top artists

Author: Nikolai Lockertsen, from «Procreate» Сourse

Need a break from watching your lessons? Over the years, Bobby Chiu has conducted hundreds of interviews with many of the top artists in the industry!

While most of them have been posted to Bobby’s YouTube channel, there are a few hidden gems that are only available here on the Schoolism website.

Author: Nikolai Lockertsen, from “Procreate” Сourse

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